Druid Tier 8 pauldron making of
Published on Dec 7, 2009

Soooooo, here are some progress pics of one of my actual projects: Druid Tier 8 from World of Warcraft.

Warcraft Cosplay

Here you see a preview of the sample for my pauldrons from the World of Warcraft modelviewer. The first steps were really easy: I took half of a styrofaom ball, cutted some pieces out and glued a bit of greyboard on it. In the last picture you see some stripes of foam. I used it to model or fill some parts on this prop.

Warcraft Cosplay

The followings steps were very easy, too:
I cut some pvp pipes in short pieces and covered a aluminium wire with it. Hot glue helped to put and fix them togehter. After this I used a bit of expanding foam to model the form of the pauldron. You only need a knife or carpet cutter for carving it. It’s very easy to deal with it and I love the carving parts the most!
Then I stick the aluminium wires into the expanding foam, covered it with this stuff too and carved the twines I needed for my prop. In the last step I covered everyhing with crepe tape, newspaper and paper machè. These tree layers give the expanding foam a solid surface and you can paint it after a finishing polish.

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