Druid Tier 8: First Photoshoot
    Published on Aug 10, 2010

    After finishing my Druid Tier 8 costume I was so looking forward to a nice private photo-shooting with my boyfriend. The weather was not the best, but I wanted to use the last week in Germany (I will make a trip for almost 4 weeks to California) for taking some photos:

    Unfortunately the sun hid itself behind some clouds, so the contrast was not the best. But we will repeat this shooting soon enough.

    You see, I finally added my moon, too. It was a very easy contruction of a serial connection with a battery and a switch, but the result was just stunning. I’m so happy that I built this last part, too!

    For the next shooting I really have to build some glowing spheres, like the ones I already used for my shoulders. Surely they will give much better lighting effects than these tea candles.

    He he! And our ‘light painter’ has to exercise a bit more!

    But for the next costumes I definetely have to add light effects, too. The result is just stunning!

    And now, after seeing the final photos, I SO want to visit Blizzcon again! It’s so frustrating, that I’m not able to be there, just because of it’s date in October. I will be in California this month, but in October my studies start again and I have no money just to fly for a weekend to LA again!

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    1. How do you make the spheres and light them up? :O I understand how you can make the gems and have the part where you hook them up in the back but im having a bit of trouble imagining how it works for a sphere. :)

    2. This turned out incredible! Congrats!

    3. Thank you a lot for yor nice comment!
      I used acrylic spheres, which I can buy in my bobby store. I’m sure, you can find them really easy, too. Then I sanded them with sandpaper and painted them with glass colors. That was I the steps I did!
      I hope I could help you!

    4. Your pauldrons look gorgeous!
      I was hoping to see your costume at BlizzCon, I’m sorry you can’t go. :(

      I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what did you make the clear spheres you mount your LED lights in on your shoulders and staves? I’ve been trying to find some suggestions for my Anathema staff’s orb, how did you make them? (This will be my first time making a weapon model. o.o;)


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