German Cosplay Championship and more
    Published on Oct 19, 2010
    Woah, the last weeks were really exhausting! Two months ago I got notice that we really made it to the finals of the German Cosplay Championship. But the only costumes we could use were our Asmodian plate set from Aion (our Druid Tier 8 costumes just weren’t “perfect” and were full of mistakes). If you saw our first performance on youtube (video), then you know that we had to improve something. Especially my armor was very huge, heavy and so I could hardly move while wearing it. And it was very, very painfull and a huge part of the fixing was just wrong. I had to improve a lot.
    A main problem was that I just glued the fixing, a lot of velcro tape, at my wonderflex armor. So I lost my armor a lot when I walked or just moved.
    Now I reworked the whole fixing which was just glued. You see, I used D ring buckles, which were mounted inside of wonderflex. Here you can see it better:
    I guess, if you have a really huge and heavy armor the fixing is one of the most important points to make your costume comfortable… or just wearable. It sucks, if you lost some of your costume parts, to don’t be sloppy like me (but I also had only one night for the first version of my fixing). And better work redundant!
    This was the first version of my pauldron fixing:
    I used only one D ring buckle and a bit of velcro tape.
    Now I added larger velcro tapes (the larger the surface of your vecro tape is, the better is your fixing!), redundant D ring buckles and fixed buckles and tape with wonderflex on my armor. The most parts were also fixed with super magnets. They weren’t strong enough for the fixing itself, but they helped to held a special position on my body so my armor couldn’t slip away.
    And don’t be scared to be brutal to your armor. I had a lot of problems to walk, because I always stumpled over my wings, which just hanged around. Then I mounted them on a small wooden board and I could run, jump and walk!
    And why so much effort which nobody would see???
    Because of this!
    Photo by Cornelia Papiorek
    Photo by Cornelia Papiorek


    I wanted to show, that we were able to do more than just to stand around and talk about weird stuff. I wanted a great, dramatic and epic performance and so we had to learn to move in our costumes. He he, and I guess we made it! Despite of us haven’t won something at this contest, it was just a great weekend and we are really proud of our achievment and I hope to repeat it someday.
    Now I should repair my old perfomance sword, which was only built to get broken and finish my real weapon for this costume.
    And by the way… maybe you can also need this technique for one of your costumes: (Sorry for the bad quality of the photos!)
    I saw these eyes of the team of brazialian World Cosplay Summit team this year and just HAD to build them, too. The guy with the glowing eyes had some LEDs inside of his mask, I guess. But I hadn’t no mask and so I used just a bit of silicone.
    Here you see my curcuit. I glued the silcone part at the sides of my face, painted them and hid the battery inside of my wig. It was very easy to build, but I love the final effect!
    And now… I’m relaxing a bit. The cosplay year is almost over for me (LondonExpo will be my last convention this year and I will wear my old Tier 8 costume), and I enjoy my new free time. He he, but I have to admit that I got a fabric order today and cannot wait to start with my new projects. But it’s just awesome to play a bit World of Warcraft, watch a bit TV and fell asleep with our sorrows death lines and expanding foam exploadings. So, I hope you’ll also enjoy the patience in the next few month’s and wish you a great time! :)

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    1. oh Gott ich liebe deine Cosplays einfach über alles *_*

      Ich hätte da mal eine Frage kann man Wonderflex mit normalem Fön bearbeiten? Hab zwar das Zeug seit Ewigkeiten rumliegen aber keinen Heißluftfön^^

      Nochmal großes Lob und vielen Dank für die tollen Cosplays Du bist die Beste *_*

    2. Hay ich finde so so toll wi du das alles machst *Hut zieh*
      aber ich habe eine frage ich möchte gerne von kid Icarus Palutena cosen
      habe aber keine ahnung wie ich die arm rüstung oder aus was ich die machen soll oder die kette Ich habe es mit styropor aber das sieht echt komisch aus. Noch eins bitte sie hat so was in den Haaren sber wie hällt das denn.

      Währe dir sehr dankbar wenn du mir ein Paar tips geben Könntest

      Wo bekomme ich das Wonderflex denn.

      Danke soch mal

      lieber groß deine Cosplays sind so toll

    3. Kamui you are amazing, this is amazing and those LED eyes are PERFECT for my upcoming cosplay! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

      Just have a quick question though if you don’t mind: Is that silicone a conductor or did you hit the wires in it? Because I can’t really see it?

    4. My father made a similar but very outdated pair of those lighted eyes when he was in college and kept them for years and years and always wore them on Halloween. When I saw your picture of yours, I was like OH MY GOSH! xD Your absolutely wonderful!

    5. Holeeee crap. That WAS epic. I have no compunction to dress up but I wish other people would have me make stuff for them. I would love someone with a budget to come to me and ask for something like this.

    6. Thank you guys!
      And sorry, I’m already engaged! :)

    7. Impressive. Looks great.

    8. @Jumeria: Ach naja, gewinnen ist ja nicht alles und allein die Teilnahme war es die ganze Mühe wert. Es richtig toll auf der FBM! ^^
      Und ich bin mir sicher, dass du deinen Stab super hinbekommst. Wüde ihn auch sehr gerne sehen, wenn er fertig ist. Und bei Fragen helf ich natürlich auch gern weiter! ^^

      @Zuza: Thank you! ^^
      Oh, no, it was okay to see. I also had no problems after I turned them off. I guess, it’s depends on the LED you use. My red ones were not so bright, but I woulnd’t recommend white ones with more than 10000 mcd brightness.

    9. Beautiful work! *__*

      Was it really hard to see with the lights in front of your eyes? I bet you were seeing green for a long time after you took them off… xD

    10. huhu^^

      schade, dass ihr bei beim DCM nichts gewonnen habt…. dein Kostüm ist echt super! Und die Idee mit den “LED Augen” ist echt genial!

      Ich werde demnächst auch versuchen einen Stab aus Bauschaum ect. zu basteln… die Idee und Machart ist echt toll! :-) wünsch mir Glück!^^

      Liebe Grüße und mach weiter so,


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