Updates and a new project!
Published on Nov 10, 2010

Hello guys! You’ll notice I changed and updated a lot here. Over this post you’ll find some pages I added and I wished a long time. And I hope you also like the new features on the right side and my new design. You should especially take a look to the Tutorials page, where you’ll find my collected tutorials and really nice sites which maybe help or inspire you for your own project. I still have to change, add and update some things, so be sure to check back my site regularily if you’re interested! :)

In the last days I tried my best to fullfill your desires: At first I created my first video tutorial:

Please be not too shocked. You see, I have no blue skin and no spiky, long ears and yeah, it’s really so easy to work with wonderflex how it looks. So try it by yourself! You can buy Wonderflex in Europe from  www.mycostumes.de and in the US from Dazian Fabrics.

And maybe some of you knows, that I already hold some workshops on german conventions. Now I want also to try this abroad and offered a convention in France, in England and in the US my service. I really would enjoy to meet you guys there and tell you a bit how I work, give you adviced and tips and answer your questions. It’s always so awesome to get a further chance to help someone, so I hope I will get a positive response,  despite of I’m a bit scared of talking in english in front of audience. But there is always a first time and I also managed this in german often enough before!

There were also some of you, who met me on MCM and I really enjoyed our talk, dispite of it was maybe a short one. It was awesome to met so many new and old friends and I hope to manage it to come next time back! MCM was also really nice and it was amazing how much effort and love the guys from Totally Cosplay and EuroCosplay put in their project. They did so much for us and everyone of them was just awesome. At the end we really made the first place at the maquerade contest! I still cannot believe it, especially because we get to go on stage in the last second before we undressed our costumes. It was just amazing! Thank you so much, MCMLondon!

And then I started with my new project….

At the moment I saw the Demon Hunter presentation via livestream at Blizzcon I felt in love! I really love the design of the armor and the character, despite of I’m sure that I will be not the only Demon Hunter next year. Because of this reason and the fact, that I really would enjoy to build a new huge armor I choosed the heavy armor version of the Demon Hunter. Maybe I just want to create something special and find a new challenge, but at first I’m sure that I will have a lot of fun with the construction!

Here you see my first results:

(Right upper and lover bracer)
(Right claw)
(Left lower bracer and shield… or what this should be on the reference…)
It’s really more difficult to work with a single picture as a reference if you are huge spoiled by the WoW modeleviewer. Sometimes I build something I don’t really know what this should be and can only guess. And for the back side I need some imagination. It’s difficult, but I also love to work with wonderflex again. It’s so easy and nice to work with, that I cannot wait for the further progress.
And now I’m looking forward for no convention stress anymore, Cataclysm’s release, christmas sweets and some nice, creative months. Take care and see you again!

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  1. I’ve been trying to work on my version of the Demon Hunter costume since last December since the images were announced but I have no idea how to make armor in the first place. Your Wonderflex tutorial really helped me out! Do you have any other tips for creating realistic looking armor that won’t make me want to fall over when I wear it at cons?

  2. I admire your costumes so much! This design is so badass~

    I’ve been curious about working with wonderflex, is Gesso the recommended sealant or can you use resin or anything else?

  3. @Patrik: Yeah, Wonderflex is really nice and it’s a lot of fun to work with!
    No, Wonderflex is the main material to build the armor. It’s quiete solid and stable and after I covered it with Gesso it’s easy to paint it. Craft foam just helps to work with, because it’s hard find the right form after you heated it.

    @Lorraine: Ha ha, you’re funny, Raine! I didn’t know that you’ll also want to make this costume, but this is just amazing! I cannot wait to see your first progress! :)
    Hm… my first costume have to be finished in 4 months, but I still don’t know it it will be the Demon Hunter or 2 times (for me and Benni) the Tier9. I have to wait for the next Wonderflex delivery, so it’s a bit hard to keep on working and Tier9 is a really easy set, so I have to see. But I can tell you, that it will be finished 2011. :)

  4. I can’t wait to see this one finished. Funny enough, I’m planning on making this exact same costume. I’m going to use some wonderflex, but I plan on using fiberglass for some portions of the costume. What’s your time frame to finish this? I’m hoping to be done for 2012. <3

  5. Wonderflex seems like a pretty cool material to be working with, I have myself used airex, a similar material to craft foam. Wonderflex seems to be reasonably priced aswell and give a somewhat plastic finish.

    What exactly does the wonderflex add to the process? As I understood it, crafting foam will get pretty sturdy by itself. Is it only there for the self gluing and sealing properties?


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