The Sand of Time
Published on Sep 10, 2012

After work is before work! Oh, the last weeks, no the last months were pretty hard! Just one day after I came back from Gamescom and tried to find some free space for my new Barbarian costume it was time for the next project: Soridormi. Well, this costume was planned for Connichi, which meant that I had only 2.5 weeks. Challenge accepted!

Luckly I already had all my fabrics and materials but as always I was not sure how to put everything together. I even had no idea about the pattern of the dress, but since I wanted to create a Soridormi which distinguishes from my reference and also from all the other Soridormi costumes I was able to work pretty freely. I just wanted to give her more glamour than she has in World of Warcraft, so don’t wonder that the result maybe looks very different to the original Soridormi.

Well, at first it was time for the pauldrons and all the other thermoplastic armor stuff. I just love building all these piceses and for me it’s so much more fun than sewing. While I build something I know excactly what and how to do it, I’m able to plan well and to control every of my worksteps. However at the sewing machine I fail and I fail hard. I just hate sewing and everytime I try it, I remember why I create so many armor costumes. And now I know: The next cosplay will be an armor again!

But back to my progress! As you can see all of my armor parts and even some detail pieces were made with Worbla. However for the connection and fixing of this materials I used Wonderflex again since it’s much more durable and is just better for this job (it doesn’t tear apart so easily for example).

The pauldrons were done pretty late and so I had to rush a lot. Sadly they were the most complicated pauldrons I’ve ever done and it took a full day to connect all three basic pieces and add more layers and details for the final shape. And I’m very, very surprised that they turned out so similar despite of I never work with any help for measures.

As always Benni was in charge for the final paint. Despite of that it took pretty long for me to give it a basic color scheme. I remeber that at one day I painted for ten hours and Benni for six without any break! Oh, cosplay is really a lot, a LOT of work! But seeing such a result every brush stroke was just worth it!
Well and then it was already Monday and I had to be done at Thusday… So only for days were left to finish my costume AND to build a new staff! Or better two. Benni still needed time for his paint job. So it was time to rush and not just to rush a bit.
Luckily I was really able to build, sand and paint it in only two days. Sadly I experimented a bit too much with some new materials, but in the end I found a nice putty which I will also use in my next projects. You see, my staff is made out of a core of expanding foam, and then covered with some thick plastic sheets, the new putty and Worbla. And here is the final result. He had to rush really a lot since he had only two days for this paint job, but despite of this it turned out really amazing. Oh, I love my new staff! (Btw: It’s called Staff of the Sun)

Well… and my dress… was a bit more simple, not really clean, full of pain and desperation but at least a lot of glam. I really gave my best but I just have no skill at the sewing machine. But it’s a project of 2.5 weeks, so I almost don’t care. I did the best I could and I hope all the gem stones, beads and fabric prints are able to hide my lack of sewing skill.

Yeah, and that’s the final result. I didn’t sleep before the final convention but I just love these hours where you are so full of panic and happyness that you just go crazy and are not able to even think about sleeping. So at 6 am I finished Soridormi, filled my bags with my Barbarian armor, added some old costume pieces for my workshops and then it was time for Connichi 2012.

Connichi itself was also pretty stressful. With my lovely cosplay partner Selina, who was the face of Chromie from World of Warcraft, I held a armor workshop and a prop workshop. In addtion I was also a judge for the German World Cosplay Primalary. So I had to prepare a lot, rushed like a wild monkey and sometimes even had no time for photographers. So I’m very sorry for everybody who missed me, but I was very very busy!

But at the end, despite of all the rush and stress, it was just an awesome convention! I had a lot of fun, met many awesome people and had the chance to chat with old and new friends. For both workshops we’ve got a lot of great feedback and I guess we were again able to help and inspire many visitors. It was an amazing Connichi and I already cannot wait for the next year!

And now… well, it’s time for the next project! After many many years and break of the I-cosplay-only-Druids-rules I decided to finally create one of the most awesome Tier sets of all World of Warcraft expansions: Paladin Tier 2! So stay tuned and look forward for the upcoming progress!


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Written by Benni

| Writer, Full-Time Costume Maker

We are self-employed artists, writers and costume makers currently living in Germany. We love to help the crafting community by creating YouTube videos, writing books and by sharing the current progress of our projects on social media. In our shop you can also find crafting patterns to help you with your own projects!


  1. The weather outside is just awsome and I'm staying at home to paint my armor. Sometimes cosplay is pretty boring, but I enjoy every minute I spent with it!

  2. Hi, Kamui! I really admire your work! It’s perfect, Im looking for new techniques in order to make my first cosplay with an armor and do it not perfect, but really good! I live in Argentina and its very difficult to find worbla, I have already found the name of wonder-flex, foam, and other materials in Spanish, but I still have some doubt about what you can recommend me to use,
    This is an image of the cosplay I want yo do, if you could help me It would be great! Yours sincerely, Hana Hime

  3. Hi Kamui, ich war bei deinem Waffenworkshop auf der Connichi und ich frag mich die ganze zeit wie du es geschafft hast das deine Armschienen da bleiben wo sie hingehören. Das Kostüm sah echt klasse aus. Respekt!

    Beantwortest du auch Fragen wenn man bei einer Waffe oder einem Rüstungsteil nicht weiter weiss?

    • Hm… ich gebe eigentlich keine Tipps zu Kostümteilen oder ganzen Kostümen. Da ich recht viele Anfragen bekomme, ist das einfach zu zeitaufwendig. Aber ich hoffe, dass du dennoch eine Lösung finden wirst. :)

  4. Hi there! I am a long time lurker and finally wanted to say hi! Anyway your costumes inspire me, and I actually recently made the T2 judgement armor :) It was my first WoW costume but Im so looking forwards to making more!

  5. Incrível como sempre, são tão bons esses eventos.

  6. Girl, you are so inspirering and talented. I really want to get started on an armor cosplay when I see your progress and pictures.

  7. Ich kann nur sagen: Bewunderung und Anerkennung! in 2,5 Wochen so ein Kostüm hervorzaubern…. anders als mit Magie kann man sich das ja schon gar nicht erklären. Du und Benni habt wunderbares geleistet. Es sieht super aus (nicht zu letzt an dir).

    Viel Erfolg beim nächsten Meisterstück

    • Vielen, vielen Dank! Es wurde alles recht schnell hingepfutscht, aber ich bin froh, dass es wohl doch gut aussieht. :)

  8. Hey hallo!

    Wie immer ein geniales Kostüm und Respekt an Benni und dich, das unter so einem riesigen Zeitdruck so super hinzubekommen! Das Bild, bei dem du neben Selina stehst, finde ich übrigens total süß. ^_^
    Ich freue mich auch schon sehr auf das Paladin-Set. Als das damals rauskam, war es wirklich ziemlich beliebt. ;-)

    Liebe Grüße

  9. Your newest completed project looks amazing, and I have to say that the sewing looks spot on… I don’t sew professionally, but in all of the pictures I looked really close and I couldn’t see anything wrong. It really looks spectacular. I can’t wait to see your next look when you finish it as well.

    I also want to thank you for posting all of the tutorial information that you have… I love to make just about everything. Costumes are my absolute favorite though, and now with all of the information that you’ve provided I can add exquisite touches. To me it’s the detail that makes the end result worth every sleepless moment. I’m a mother of 4 so I don’t get as much time as I would like to do all of my proects, but most of my projects are for them. (Especially, with Halloween right around the corner…) So, again I thank you. Not only for me being able to completely finish the costumes that I love to make as detailed as possible, but for the happiness the you’ll bring to my children through me as well.

    • Awww, what a wonderful comment! I’m so happy that I’m able to help you just with sharing my work. Feedback like this is always a great motivation to keep on doing what I do! :)


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