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I really REALLY love to travel and meet new people. My love and passion for Cosplay has brought me all across the world and for that I am incredibly thankful. I’ve been to many different countries all over Europe, America and Asia. Yet no matter how far I go, cosplay is connecting me to so many different and interesting people and overcomes all borders of language or race. It’s truly epic.

My biggest love is to share my passion and knowledge about Cosplay with others. Many of you already know me from my tutorials that are spread all over the internet – I also enjoy running costume creation workshops and panels! If you want to bring me to your event I can offer you the following:

Costume Making Workshops in English or German

Panels on Cosplay related Topics

Judging Cosplay Contests

Showcasing my Costume Creations

Signing and Selling Prints and Books

Interviews and other Media Work

Promotion over my Social Media

If you are interested in inviting me, please leave me a message and make sure to include all the necessary information like name of your event, date and website/Facebook page. I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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