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Convention Appearances

Want me as a special guest for your convention or event? I’d love to come! I can offer more than a decade of contest judge experience, teach your attendees how to turn cosplay into a profession or fill big panel rooms with interesting Q&As or crafting presentations. I’m only doing a few events every year, so make sure to contact me ahead of time! See you soon!

YouTube Videos and Promotions

Creative people are the most dedicated fans! We can build a prop or costume from your game or movie and show people on YouTube how we did it! It’s a ton of fun and great to share!

Costume or Prop Fabrication

You need a well crafted costume, prop or display piece for your trade show, office, movie or ad? We can bring your ideas to life and even wear show off the work at an event for you!

Workshops & Classes

Want to teach your class or company something special? Cosplay is no longer just a little hobby! I offer dedicated workshops and classes for schools and companies about armor and prop fabrication! I’ve been doing cosplay for more than a decade and love to pass my knowledge on to others. The best time to start is now!

If you’re interested in booking us for a project, promotion, video or convention, please leave us a message. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Some of our amazing clients and partners! Thank you for your trust!

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