Warrior Princess Sword and Chakram – Blueprint Download

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Digital PDF Download! After your order you’ll get an email containing the download link.

This is a 2D illustrated blueprint file that I created and used to build my own version of this prop. Includes top and side view of both pieces. This file does not include instructions on how to create this prop. The files are in original size and can be printed out on multiple pages.

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I do not claim the rights to the original design. I created this vector art file myself to help others build their own version of this piece.

This file does not include instructions on how to create this prop or costume piece. You can find instructions on how to make props in my book: The Book of Prop Making

Vector files are scalable and can be easily resized to your own liking.

The files are in original size and can be printed out on multiple pages. Set your printer to “do not rescale” and “print over multiple pages“.

This is an eBook/PDF download. After your purchase you will get a separate “order complete” email, in which you will find your download link. If you have trouble getting the files to work, please contact shop@kamuicosplay.com!

4 reviews for Warrior Princess Sword and Chakram – Blueprint Download

  1. Elizabeth Dusser

    The chakram has 2 different sides to it and there’s only one on here and I was told Xenas chakram only has one pattern and it doesn’t. Xenas chakram has a different pattern in each side.

    Verified purchase.

    • Svetlana

      Oh no, really? I always thought they were the same! That’s at least how I built mine. Please write me an email if you want a refund.

  2. Diana

    this pattern requires you to print on multiple pages. When you receive the pattern it comes in pdf form and then it is not possible to print it on multiple pages.

    Verified purchase.

    • Svetlana

      You surely can! Just open the file in the free Acrobat Reader and choose poster print and print out on multiple pages in the program. :)

  3. Xen

    Hi Benni. Actually I’m afraid that’s incorrect. This is clearly the Marto version, which isn’t accurate. It’s a common mistake, but if you actually look at the details in photos from the show itself, there is a clear difference between the Martio and the actual Xena sword. The blade is a mild leaf shape, the handle is different, the bar itself doesn’t have the center spike, is thicker but shorter, with less pointed ends, and isn’t not nearly as fancy around the center jewel. I actually have a comparison chart that I threw together after seeing others mixing the two up. Would be happy to share if you’re actually interested in correcting the sword pattern. But like I said before, the chakram one seems to be spot on.

    Purchase not verified.

  4. Xen

    Love the chakram, much easier to use a pre-made pattern rather than creating it from scratch! However, you have the incorrect sword here. This is the “Marto” Spanish sword, which for some reason is advertised as a “Xena” sword but actually don’t look almost anything like her real blade from the show. Everything is a different shape, from the blade to the pommel. Seems to be a common mix up for some reason.

    Purchase not verified.

    • Benni

      Hey Xen, thanks for the feedback. We did a lot of research on the chakram as well as the sword (looked at references from the show as well) and from what we could see it’s this exact sword in the show. Sorry if you’re disappointed but I’m not sure where the error is. :) I’m happy to offer you a refund if you’re not happy with your purchase.

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