Red Wizard – Diablo 3

My Red Wizard cosplay from Diablo 3 was a rather quick project in 2011.  After crafting quite a lot, I wanted to expand my skills a bit and get into sewing. Diablo 3 was just announced and I was hooked! Especially the concept artwork by Wei Wang was gorgeous and I instantly fell in love with it! His design of the Wizard seamed to be just perfect to finally get more into sewing and I instantly begun searching for materials.

Having not much sewing experience, I tried my best, but still failed. The Red Wizard had a ton of details and layered patterns. Sadly though, I just didn’t thought about using pre-made patterns from Simplicity or McCalls. Instead, I tried to drape everything myself and didn’t got it exactly right at the end. The costume still turned out great and I’m proud, but my seams weren’t properly finished and the costume ripped open here and there. However, it was the first time I painted fabric, created a boot cover and made elaborate accessories. Cosplay is a journey and with every step you’ll learn new skills and improve your art!

And at some point I improved so much that I even wrote a book about sewing! So, check out my Book about Cosplay Sewing if you are curious!

Red Wizard - Diablo 3 by Kamui Cosplay

Red Wizard - Diablo 3 by Kamui Cosplay

Wizard Diablo 3 Cosplay Reference

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