Armor and Prop Making Workshops

    I LOVE doing workshops! No matter if it’s a small room in a lokal shop in Frankfurt or a big hotel hall in Atlanta during DragonCon that’s filled to the brim with passionate and interested folks – helping and inspiring those who are trying to get into getting awesome hobby is always amazing.

    I’ve always thought of myself more as a teacher. Making the costumes is also way more fun than wearing them. So what is better than meeting a room full of interested people who sometimes travel a very long way just to hear you talk about yours cosplays. Even if just one person decides to try it out after one of my workshops my effort was totally worth it. As always my husband helps me with the workshops and sometimes I am also joined by other really talented prop or costume maker. Here are a few shots of previous workshops.

    So if you want me to give a workshop at your local convention your best bet would be to write them that you want me to come. Most people underestimate what a few emails can accomplish. :)

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