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We’re Svetlana and Benni!

Our costume adventure started in 2003 and we haven’t stopped creating since!

Together we spend most of our time building costumes and props from our favourite games, anime or movies. We love sharing our knowledge and crafting experience with the rest of the community through our books, videos, blog posts and tutorials.

Crafting is our life and we’re very thankful we can do this as our job.


What is "Cosplay"?


Cosplay is for everyone!

Cosplay is the best way we can express our love for a fictional character or world.

Instead of just playing a game or watching a movie, we try to bring the character to life! And we’re not alone. Cosplay connects an huge worldwide community of passionate artists.

We don’t care about gender, age, religion, skin color or body shape. It’s not about what separates us, but what brings us closer:

So dress up and have fun!

Want to get into Cosplay as well?

Check out our books!

We have many tutorial books about all kinds of crafting techniques: Just check out our shop!

Watch our videos!

Want to see how we work? Check out the videos on the Kamui Cosplay YouTube Channel!

Get our patterns!

We created a bunch of cool crafting patterns for anyone who wants to dive right in!

Kamui Cosplay Books and Cosplay Patterns

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