The Book of Cosplay Photography

Want to be more confident in front of the camera or start taking amazing photos yourself? Check out my new book of cosplay photography!

Want to build cosplay armor?

You’ve come to the right place! No matter if armor making, sewing, LEDs or building props! On this page you will find help for all of these topics and more.

Getting started with Cosplay

Want to start with cosplay but don’t know how? This is the book for you!
I’ll guide you through all the steps to your first ever cosplay!

Learn how to sew costumes

Afraid of sewing? Not with this book! No matter if you’ve never held a needle before, this handy starting guide will show you the way to your first costume!

Breastplate Pattern Collection

Need a breastplate for your costume but don’t know where to start? Here is a collection of handy patterns that will help you out! Just print, glue and go!

First Steps into Cosplay

Never made a costume before? You should try it out! Here is a guide how to get started.

News & Blog

I often write about my costumes or other cosplay related topics that interest me.

Tips for Sewing

Want to start sewing? Here are a few handy tips that will get you going!

Affordable Costumes with EVA Foam

Great cosplay armor doesn’t need to be expensive.

LEDs for Cosplay!

Bring light to your costumes and props with this simple guide!

Find the right Book

I’ve written many tutorial books. Click below to see which book covers what topics.

Our latest video tutorial:

What’s new in the blog:

Has Cosplay become more toxic?

Has Cosplay become more toxic?

I hear a lot about drama and toxicity in cosplay. Has the community changed? Is it now a swamp of negativity and frustration? I don’t think so. Hear me out.

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We're Kamui Cosplay!

That’s Svetlana and Benni. Together we create costumes and props from our favourite games, animes or movies. You want to get into cosplay too? We love sharing our knowledge and crafting experience with creative minds like you through our books, videos, blog posts and tutorials. The dogs help too.