Advanced Painting -
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It’s time to level up your painting skills! In my new book I’ll teach you all about airbrush, spray paint, weathering and other cool effects!

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Cosplay Guests. Some advice and important rules.

Getting invited to conventions is a huge honor. Still we can’t all just work for free. Here is my experience with this topic.

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Making the Gauss Rifle

We did it! We built the Gauss Rifle (The Last Minute) from Fallout 4.
Here you can see how we did it!

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Worbla, Thibra, Cosplayflex. What's the difference?

There’s a lot of thermoplastics out today and things can get pretty confusing. Find out what’s the deal in my review!

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Have fun crafting!

Want to learn how to make armor and props yourself? It’s super fun! We got all the books to get you started!

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Epic Cosplay Gallery

Check out all of those gorgeous costumes made with the help of my books and tutorials! So amazing!

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The value of cosplay guests

The value of cosplay guests

Where should I begin? If you have read my previous blog-post ‘My Story‘ you already know that I am actively cosplaying since 2003 (I know, I know – so old). In the beginning I had a lot of financial problems, spending all the money I could scratch... read more