PokeGo Trainer
How to make the costume!

Need a comfy costume? Super crazy about Pokemon Go? Why not combine these two and make a trainer? Here is how it’s made!

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Advanced Painting -
out now!

It’s time to level up your painting skills! In my new book I’ll teach you all about airbrush, spray paint, weathering and other cool effects!

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Making the Gauss Rifle

We did it! We built the Gauss Rifle (The Last Minute) from Fallout 4.
Here you can see how we did it!

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Have fun crafting!

Want to learn how to make armor and props yourself? It’s super fun! We got all the books to get you started!

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Cosplay Guests. Some advice and important rules.

Getting invited to conventions is a huge honor. Still we can’t all just work for free. Here is my experience with this topic.

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Epic Cosplay Gallery

Check out all of those gorgeous costumes made with the help of my books and tutorials! So amazing!

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Successful Social Media for Cosplayers

Successful Social Media for Cosplayers

  There is one thing I want to say in advance: Cosplay is about having fun. We dress up and build awesome props and costumes because it is what we love to do. Cosplay should never be a race to get more likes or followers. As soon as it starts to get too... read more
A little Cosplay Shopping Guide

A little Cosplay Shopping Guide

People always ask me: Hey you! Yes you with the cute corgi! Where can I get all those fancy cosplay materials? Well, I am so glad you asked! Here is a guide that should help you out! This list will be primarily useful for people from Europe, USA & Canada. If you... read more
Making the Pokemon Go trainer outfit

Making the Pokemon Go trainer outfit

Let me say this: I love Pokemon! Really, I do! I play every single Pokemon game on the day it comes out (sometimes even a day before) and every time it totally destroys my daily routine. Pokemon was a big part of my childhood. I still love watching the TV show on... read more
The value of cosplay guests

The value of cosplay guests

Where should I begin? If you have read my previous blog-post ‘My Story‘ you already know that I am actively cosplaying since 2003 (I know, I know – so old). In the beginning I had a lot of financial problems, spending all the money I could scratch... read more
Worbla, Thibra, Cosplayflex. What’s the difference?

Worbla, Thibra, Cosplayflex. What’s the difference?

To me ‘cosplay’ has always meant to be able to ‘make everything out of anything’. Creative people have been able to make amazing costumes out of everyday household materials for long before we had all those fancy cosplay materials we have... read more