Convention & Event Guesting

We love to meet you! Let’s hang out!

Events in 2023:

gamescom 2023 – Cologne

Connichi – Wiesbaden

IberAnime – Porto

Past Events:

Twitch-Con Amsterdam – April 5th – 7th – Amsterdam, Netherlands (as invited guest)

gamescom – August 24th – 28th – Köln, Germany (as invited guest)

All events were cancelled because of the covid-19 pandemic.

Planet Comic Con Kansas City – March 29th – 31st – Kansas, USA (as invited guest)

Supanova Melbourne – April 5th – 7th – Melbourne, Australia (as invited guest)

Supanova Gold Coast – April 12th – 14th – Gold Coast, Australia (as invited guest)

AniMuc – April 27th – 28th – Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany (for fun)

Dokomi – Juni 8th – 9th – Düsseldorf, Germany (for fun)

YetiCon – Juni 15th – 16th – The Blue Mountains, Canada (as invited guest)

Paradise City Comic Con – January 12th – 14th – Miami, USA (as invited guest)

Dokomi – May 19th – 20th – Düsseldorf, Germany

Animecon – July 14th – 15th – Helsinki, Finland (as invited guest)

London Film and Comic Con – July 28th – 29th – London, United Kingdom (as invited guest)

UniCon – August 4th – 5th – Riga, Latvia (as invited guest)

PixelMania – August 10th – 12th – Wlén, Hungary (as invited guest)

Aniventure Bulgaria – September 15th – 16th – Sofia, Bulgaria (as invited guest)

Comic Con Bodensee – October 6th – 7th – Dornbirn, Austria (as invited guest)

Final Fantasy XIV FanFest, Frankfurt, Germany (18.-19. February)

CUSplay Pisa, Pisa, Italy (4.-5. March) as invited guest

Heroes Manga Madrid, Madrid, Spain (22.-23. April) as invited guest

Dokomi, Düsseldorf, Germany (03.-04. June)

A-Kon, Fort Worth, Texas, USA (09.-10. June) as invited guest

Festa dell’ Unicorno, Vinci, Italy (22.-23. July) es invited guest

NärCon Sommar 2017, Linköping, Sweden (28.-29. July) as NCC judge

FotoCon, Wleń, Poland (11.-13. August) as invited guest

Connichi, Kassel, Germany (23.-24. September)

Supanova, Brisbane, Australia (11.-12. November) as invited guest

Supanova, Adelaide, Australia (18.-19. November) as invited guest

London Super Comic Con, London, United Kingdom (20. – 21. February) as invited guest

GeeKon, Oslo, Norway (09. – 10. April) as invited guest

Dokomi, Duesseldorf, Germany (30. April – 01. May)

Fantasy Basel, Basel, Switzerland (05. – 07. May) as invited guest

Comic Con Chile, Santiago, Chile (03. – 05. June) as invited guest

Comic Con Germany, Stuttgart, Germany (25. – 26. June) as invited guest

Otafest, Calgary, Canada (01. – 03. July) as invited guest

Montreal Comic Con, Montreal, Canada (08. – 10. July) as invited guest

NärCon, Linköping, Sweden (28. – 31. July) as invited guest

Salt Lake Comic Con, Salt Lake City, USA (01. – 03. September) as invited guest

Connichi, Kassel, Germany (17. – 18. September)

BlizzCon, Anaheim, USA (04. – 05. November)

AVA Expo, Saint Petersburg, Russia (12. – 13. November) as invited guest

EpicCon, Frankfurt, Germany (10. December) as invited guest

Katsucon, Washington (13th – 15 February) as invited Guest

London Super Comic Con, London (14th – 15th March) as invited Guest

Animuc, Munich (10th – 12th April)

Fantasy Basel, Basel (14th – 16th May) as invited Guest

Dokomi, Duesseldorf (23rd – 24th May)

ArcadeCon, Dublin (3rd – 5th July) as invited Guest

New Zealand Comic Con, Wellington (17th – 19th July) as invited Guest

Unplugged Expo, Toronto (31st July – 2nd August) as invited Guest

GamesCom, Cologne (7th – 9th August) worked for Blizzard Entertainment

AnimeKon, Bridgetown, Barbados (15th – 16th August) as invited Guest

Connichi, Kassel, Germany (18. – 20. September)

BlizzCon, Anaheim, USA (06. – 07. November)

German Comic Con, Dortmund, Germany (05. – 06. December)

Katsucon (14th – 16 February) as invited Guest

WonderCon (18th – 20th April)

Animuc (25th – 27th April)

East European ComicCon (9th – 11th May) as invited Guest

MCM ComicCon (23 – 25h May)

Dokomi (7th – 8th June)

Anime (13th – 15th June) as invited Guest

DreamHack (14th – 17th June) as invited Guest

San Diego ComicCon (24th – 27 July)

Gamescom (13th – 17th August)

International Cosplay Day Singapore (24th August) as invited Guest

DragonCon (29th August – 1st September) as invited Guest

Salt Lake Comic Con (4th – 6th September) as invited Guest

Montreal Comic Con (12th – 16th September) as invited Guest

Anime Weekend Atlanta (26th – 28th September) as invited Guest

New York Comic Con (9th September – 12th October)

F.A.C.T.S. (18th – 19th October) as invited Guest

Stan Lee’s Comikaze (31st October – 2nd November)

Blizzcon (7th – 8th November)

Toon Walk (2th February), Prop and Armor Workshop

Chibi Japan Weekend Madrid (9th – 10th February) as invited Cosplay Guest, Prop and Armor Workshop, Judge for Cosplay Parade and Cosplay Contest

Darkmoon Faire Venice (16th – 17th February) as Magna Aegwynn

Leipzig Bookfair (15th – 18th March)

Animuc (19th- 21st April), Prop and Armor Workshop

Darkmoon Faire Poznán (27th – 29th April) as Magna Aegwynn

Dokomi (18th – 19th May)

Darkmoon Faire Prague (5th – 7th July) as Magna Aegwynn

Spellfair (13th – 14th July) as invited Cosplay Guest, Prop and Armor Workshop

Desucon (29th – 30th June) as invited Cosplay Guest, Prop and Armor Workshop

AyaCon (16th – 18th August) as invited Cosplay Guest, Prop and Armor Workshop

Gamescom (21th – 25th August)

Montreal ComicCon (13th – 15th September) as invited Cosplay Guest, Armor Workshop

Comikaze Expo (1st – 3rd November)

Blizzcon (8th – 9th November)

Darkmoon Faire Cannes (17th – 19th February) as Vanessa VanCleef

Kostümspiel (25th Feburary) Armor Workshop

Leipzig Bookfair 2012 (15th – 18th March)

Hanami (5th – 6th May), Prop and Armor Workshop

Darkmoon Faire Madrid (26th – 27 May) as Vanessa VanCleef

Japan Expo (5th – 8th July), Prop and Armor Workshop, Q&A, Judge for the ECG Final

Darkmoon Faire Prague as Vanessa VanCleef

Gamescom (15th – 19th August)

Connichi (7th – 9th September), Prop and Armor Workshop, Judge for the World Cosplay Summit

Darkmoon Faire Antwerp (6th – 7th October) as Vanessa VanCleef

IberAnime (13th – 14th October), Prop and Armor Workshop

Ticon (17th – 18th Novenber), Prop and Armor Workshop

Leipzig Bookfair 2011 (17th – 20th March)

Animuc 2011 (30th April – 1st May), Armor and Prop Workshop

Darkmoon Faire Köln (7th – 8th May) as Alexstrasza

MCMExpo May 2011 (27th – 29th May), World of Warcraft Trading Card Promotion

European Continental Championship (1st – 3rd July) as Alexstrasza

Animagic 2011 (29th – 31st July)

Gamescom 2011 (17th – 21st August), World of Warcraft Trading Card Promotion

Darkmoon Faire Poznan (25th – 28th August) as Alexstrasza

Dragoncon (2nd – 5th September)

Connichi 2011 (16th – 18th September), Prop and Armor Workshop, Cosplay Contest Judge

Frankfurt Bookfair 2011 (15th – 18th October)

Blizzcon (21st – 22nd October), World of Warcraft Trading Card Promotion

World Championship (10th – 13th November) as Alexstrasza

Ticon 2011 (19th November), Prop and Armor Workshop

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