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    YouTube Videos and Promotions

    Creative people are the most dedicated fans! We can build props and costumes from your game or movie and show our followers on Social Media how we did it.
    It’s fun to watch and great to share!


    Convention Appearances (Europe only)

    You’re in Europe and want us at your event? We’d love to come! I can offer more than a decade of contest judging experience, teach your attendees about all parts of cosplay life and fill big rooms with interesting panels. We’re only doing a few events each year, so make sure to write us soon!

    Note: Due to climate change we’ve stopped attending events that require us to fly. <3 


    Photo by: skyp3r.com

    Workshops & Crafting Classes

    Cosplay is no longer just a hobby! We offer dedicated workshops & classes for schools and companies about armor and prop fabrication! We’ve been doing cosplay for more than a decade and love to pass on our knowledge.

    Our amazing clients and partners! Thank you for working with us!

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