We built the Great Axe from Dying Light 2! 🪓

Feb 2, 2022Uncategorized7 comments

An old rusty stop-sign as an Great Axe? Sure, why not?! 😂 Techland asked us to choose and create our favorite weapon from their upcoming game Dying Light 2: Stay Human, and obviously we chose this beauty! We 3D printed everything in plastic, but with the magic of painting it now looks like the real thing! Watch the video below! ❤️


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Also, check out out Book for 3D Printing and Sculpting if you want to learn how to create your own 3D printed props!

check this out as well!

We’re part of the Humble Book Bundle!

We’re part of the Humble Book Bundle!

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  1. Absolutely blown away by the creation of the Great Axe from Dying Light 2! The skill and creativity involved in 3D printing and painting this prop are truly impressive. It’s like watching an artist solve a complex puzzle, bringing a piece of the game into the real world. Fantastic work!

  2. This article is excellent! The Great Axe was built by some incredibly talented individuals.

  3. You guys are so talented when you built the Great Axe.

  4. I believe that’s an excellent concept; I’ve considered it, but not as thoroughly as you have.

  5. This is a wonderful article! Although now it really makes me wonder even more which one will work better for the suit of armor I want to make in a few years ^^”


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