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This book was published in 2017. While the techniques included still work, I would recommend getting the new
Book of Light & Sound Effects instead!

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Want to create moving lights but no idea how? I’ll show you! In 48 pages and over 115 pictures you’ll learn everything about working with animated RGB LED strips and how to create mesmerizing light effects for your props and cosplays. Choosing the right materials, soldering microcontroller circuits, ‘programming’ your very first LED strip and building it into your costume – every step from start to finish! And the best is: This book is still for beginners! No programming knowledge required!

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By ordering ‘Advanced Cosplay Lights – Animated LEDs‘ you’ll get easy step-by-step guides, tutorials and explanations for the following points:

  • Introduction to tools and materials
  • All you need to know about LED strips
  • Getting started with the Arduino UNO
  • Working with the Arduino IDE
  • Understanding and editing the code
  • Crawling, color changing, pulsing and blinking effects
  • Wiring your very first circuit
  • Working with different modes and switches
  • Troubleshooting
  • Diffusing materials

Advanced Cosplay LIghts includes also the following work examples:

  • Fallout 4 – Gauss Rifle
  • World of Warcraft – Shadowmourne
  • Heroes of the Storm – Nova

For printed orders: Please allow 1 week shipping time for orders to Germany and 2-4 weeks for all international orders.

You can find more instructions on how to make costume pieces and props in my tutorial books or on my YouTube channel. We also offer plenty of costume crafting patterns

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17 reviews for Advanced Cosplay Lights – Animated LEDs – Download / Print Version

  1. Ben Tai

    I’ve bought and downloaded the book, but it doesn’t give you links to where you can buy the things needed to actually follow the examples. Help please! :(

    Purchase not verified.

    • Svetlana

      There is actually a whole page about within the book. That’s the website I get all my stuff from. :)

  2. claire brooks

    Really well laid out and great way to learn how to use lights and giving ideas on how to use them in props and costumes. Thank you!!

    Verified purchase.

  3. carrizales_96

    Amazing effects to add to your cosplay written in very understandable steps. With lots of extra helpful information!

    Purchase not verified.

  4. Motya_o

    Very useful book, and so easy to understand. Thanks Kamui cosplay for make everything much easier!

    Verified purchase.

  5. Caranell Cosplay

    I work many times with leds ( I try to introduce leds whenever it’s possible ) but for my last Eternal Sailor Moon project I wanted to work with led stripes or something like this. So this book was perfect for me, also for future projects. But this time I decided not to work with anduino because I found a good alternative for me ( led strips+ remote controll with no solder or program abilities -> I must only insert a plug). Nevertheless I find this book great because …
    – easy to understand ( english is not my best friend , only a friend;D)
    -helpfull pictures
    -good motivation
    -although I found an alternative to anduino, I think her book explains very good every step the work with anduino
    -not only for beginner , also for people like me. I got new ideas and tips
    -tips for soldering
    -tips for diffusing lights

    thank you Svetlanna for this great book
    Caranell Cosplay

    Purchase not verified.

  6. Morgan Hollingshead

    I can’t wait to use this to help me make my next cosplay glow just how I want!

    Verified purchase.

  7. Natasha McKernan

    Even as someone who has used light strips and arduinos before, this is incredibly helpful! This book is the best information I have found on this topic to date. I wholeheartedly recommend!

    Verified purchase.

  8. Garden

    This book was so helpful in learning how to use Arduino! I already knew basic soldering techniques but the examples of programming and how to use Arduino were really helpful and led to some cool light effects for my costume! I would definitely recommend this book to someone new to using neopixels and Arduino because it is so helpful to have as a reference.

    Verified purchase.

  9. Thesmallbigtop

    This is the most useful cosplay book I have had! I had zero knowledge about LED strips before purchasing it and it makes everything seem so easy.

    Verified purchase.

  10. peaceupkstreet

    Thank you so much for writing this book! It’s very easy to understand and helps me know what I need to do down to which products I should get. I can’t wait to put this new knowledge to use on my next project. :)

    Verified purchase.

  11. Ziggles

    This book was so helpful at explaining how to work with programmable LEDs! And it’s super fun to read! Thank you for your entertaining words of wisdom!

    Verified purchase.

  12. JustCallMeZer0

    Such a great job explaining everything easily!

    Verified purchase.


    I was looking a while for a book like this, know is time to make Arduino happen

    Purchase not verified.

  14. acefirestudios

    This book is the best of the collection, it stands out from the others by teaching us how to integrate lights into the cosplay. Just amazing!

    Purchase not verified.

  15. laura_96bm

    I L O V E this book so much. Very understandable and beginner friendly, it helps me a lot. Thanks Svetlanna

    Purchase not verified.

  16. Deniz

    Loved the understandable steps for using arduino.

    Purchase not verified.

  17. Tara

    Really helped me with the lighting on my last cosplay. Easy to understand and great tips.

    Verified purchase.

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