Free Supervillain Helmet Pattern – DOWNLOAD

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    You need some basic patterns to make a badass helmet? Here you’ll find help! Download my free supervillain helmet pattern! Instructions included!

    Based on a male head of a 6’1″, 167 lbs body. These are basic simple patterns you can print and adjust to your own needs. US/Letter page size for US and Canadian printers! If you are using an european printer just set printing settings to “do not resize and cut borders” and you should be able to print without problems!

    Note: This is a PDF download! You will get an email confirmation containing the download link. If you have problems, please contact me via!

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    60 reviews for Free Supervillain Helmet Pattern – DOWNLOAD

    1. Alondra Ruiz (verified owner)

      Muchas gracias, me encanto y es muy fácil de hacer

    2. Tora (verified owner)

      This was sooo useful, thank you so much!!

    3. Michael

      Muchas gracias muy lindo trabajo

    4. Rober

      Muchas gracias

    5. Pilar Alcazar

      muchas gracias, estoy empezando y esta genial

    6. Sigit

      Wow 😲 Thank you so much

    7. jojo

      Thank you so much

    8. yojimbojojo

      so good

    9. Seksan Sathutham,Mr

      This is the first. Thank you.

    10. Courtney (verified owner)

      This was such a great beginner piece for me to get my feet wet in the cosplay work and working with the materials and tools.

    11. Rosselli Rubina (verified owner)

      very useful and easy to understand tutorial! perfect for beginners. very helpful!!!

    12. shadowheartstudios (verified owner)

      For those looking to get into cosplay, this is a great project to do so!

    13. Mauro Goncalves

      Awesome page , really Nice for the ones who wants to get in the costplay world

    14. nathaliafparente (verified owner)

      As always, Svetlana and Benny saved the day with this simple and amazing pattern. Magneto is pround!

    15. Mr Nicholas David Win


    16. erkan yesilkan

      where is the free download link?

      • Benni (verified owner)

        Hey there! You get it automatically sent to the email address you entered on checkout. :) If there is any trouble please feel free to write an email.

    17. QiFeng He

      Thank you so much~~

    18. Lea

      Thank you ^^

    19. Sanket Jain


    20. etcolouika (verified owner)

      this is so helpfull for people like me, who think it’s so hard to do pattern for helmet and armor, with this I can understand better how it work and it will be easier for me in the future

    21. MR An

      so good

    22. Oscar Salvatti (verified owner)


    23. Alicia


    24. jamal tenn

      easy to use and follow instructions great website

    25. Adam

      Nice. Amazing.

    26. astroangiep (verified owner)

      This was super helpfull! managed to alter a bit to fit the model I was making! so great!

    27. ryujicain (verified owner)

      Amazing and very easy to use and undertand

    28. scout472 (verified owner)

      This is a great pattern. Easy to build, but also a simple base from which to create more complex headwear

    29. shaeystephens (verified owner)

      Super easy to make and build off of. i love it!

    30. Rachel Schwarz (verified owner)

      Great pattern, easy to use! Thanks for the freebie!!

    31. rommy.varas (verified owner)

      Pretty awesome step by step, especially for someone who is a super beginner at this. Thanks so much!

    32. mikeliufitness (verified owner)

      AWESOME TEMPLATE, especially for being free. gave me the confidence to buy other templates knowing what good instructions they contained

    33. Loki


    34. Kayrem Alvarado

      Very useful!

    35. ashbruhn (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for the pattern. First time constructing a helmet and it was easy peasy! :-D

    36. Hugo Cornejo


    37. androkumura (verified owner)

      really Helpful! THANKS!

    38. btat4r (verified owner)

      Excelente material muchas gracias

    39. Sheila (verified owner)

      Very helpful

    40. megane.lindet (verified owner)

      A nice and clear way to star any helmet as you can use this as a base for any simple helmet. Thanks you so much for the awesome work

    41. Marcos (verified owner)


    42. grenota (verified owner)

      You are doing a wonderfull job!

    43. bambang

      very good

    44. SSJ

      thank you so much for teaching.

    45. James Rife

      This is super dope!

    46. SallyKoi (verified owner)

      Thank you for the pattern. It motivates me to go back to cosplay :3

    47. Valmir


    48. ALICIA (verified owner)

      Thank you sooooo much for the free pattern! It’s a gift! (L)

    49. kenner savio

      First time I saw your video and absolutely enjoyed everything, congratulations to the work

    50. Mark Yong

      thank you so much for your help

    51. karl fairburne

      Thank you so much for the free pattern (y)

    52. Jacob (verified owner)

      I linked the pattern, but it was very hard for me to get the shape right without a head manikin or somebody to help me mold it to my head.

    53. Rhonda (verified owner)

      From what I read she is seems incredible! I downloaded the free pattern just to dip my toe into the pool.

    54. Colleen (verified owner)

      Thank you for giving us (your fans) a free DYI pattern! For my next cosplay project I wanted to make a helmet but I wasn’t too sure on how to start. This tutorial helped me get started! It’s easy to understand and makes cosplay crafting easier. Thank you Kamui! xo

    55. Jessica Duque

      Hi! Great job.

    56. Marie (verified owner)

      Danke sehr, es wird mich helfen <3

    57. Wendy (verified owner)

      Thank you!! This will be a great help! :)

    58. Samantha (verified owner)

      I can’t explain how perfect this helmet pattern is, I was in the middle of trying to figure out how to make my own. Then this came along and saved my day! I Would recommend this to anyone who is trying to craft a helmet.

    59. Sibyl Liu (verified owner)

      Thank you so much~~

    60. Janice (verified owner)

      With this pattern, you can easily make the said super villain helmet. I would even go as far as saying, you could make any helmet. Great explanation so you can’t go wrong with this creation. As always, great product from Kamui. Can’t go wrong with her books!

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