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Jan 11, 2024Products0 comments

We love creating cosplay tutorial books and crafting patterns! Since we published our very first book in 2013, we’ve created already over 150 unique templates and tutorials guides for the cosplay community. They are super popular, but we also sometimes hear that some people have trouble using our website or our payment systems don’t work in their country. So, to make our books and patterns more accessible to everybody, we opened up the Kamui Cosplay Etsy Store! Our own shop on the Kamui Cosplay Website will continue to run just as usual of course. 

Kamui Cosplay Books and Cosplay Patterns

Our Cosplay Books and Cosplay Patterns. All you need to get started with your own costumes!

We already added all our main products, but are still working on uploading our smaller individual patterns there as well. The store is completely digital and will ship all download items instantly! This way you can start crafting in no time! Really hope this will be helpful and we are also really excited to join the Etsy Community! I love learning new skills and always wanted to check out Etsy one day. Originally we actually opened our very first store on Storenvy, but we had to close it down due technical issues with our digital items. Let’s hope Etsy works better haha! Fingers crossed! 

I also think Etsy is a great platform to share your own digital patterns and tutorials guides. If you’re a crafter yourself, you might already have some awesome patterns laying around. Why not just digitize them and sell them on an online platform? This is how Benni and I started our full-time cosplay business as well! I already wrote a blog entry on how to generate a passive income with cosplay, go check it out! 

Benni even made an awesome tutorial on how to create cosplay patterns with the free 3D program Blender! This is definitely a nice way to cover your own material costs for your costumes. Believe me, we don’t do it any differently! 


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