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Skulls are great for many different costumes, props or even just as Halloween decoration! This foam skull pattern collection includes 5 different designs for animal shaped skulls including a bird skull, wolf skull, dragon skull, ram skull (including separate horns) and saber tooth skull.

Just print them out, trace all pieces to foam and glue them together! All skulls also come with a sizing chart that tells you know what scale you need to print them out to get a certain size. Scroll down to see a tutorial video of how to set them together.

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Animal Skulls Pattern Collection – Digital Download | PDF
Example Video: How to work with my patterns to make an animal skull!

The Animal Skulls Pattern Collection includes:

  • Dragon Skull Pattern

  • Bird Skull Pattern

  • Ram Skull + Horn Pattern

  • Sabertooth Skull Pattern

  • Wolf Skull Pattern

I recommend using 5mm low or high density EVA foam as well as contact cement to create these pieces. Other materials (like Worbla) work as well of course!

Check out my blog entry for EVA foam armor to learn everything you need to know! It’s super easy and incredible fun to create a costume! Other materials (like Worbla) work as well of course! You can find more instructions on how to make costume pieces and props in my tutorial books or on my YouTube channel.

Please choose your correct printer size between European DIN-A4 (21×29.7cm) or US/Canada letter (8.5x11inch).

The Animal Skulls Pattern Collection is a digital PDF download. After your purchase you can directly download your document. You will also get a separate ‘order complete’ email, in which you will find your download link. If you have trouble getting the files to work, please contact! Please check out the printing instructions to set up your printer as well. 

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Letter (8.5x11in), Din A4 (21×29.7cm)

3 reviews for Animal Skulls Pattern Collection (5 Designs) – Digital Download | PDF

  1. Zach

    I love these patterns! I’m going to try to adapt the ram skull as part of a helmet.

    One question, in addition to the marks to line up the pieces, there are a few triangular marks along the edges of some pieces. What’s the purpose of those?

    Purchase not verified.

    • Benni

      Thanks for your feedback! <3 These are just to indicate where two of the other opposing pieces meet. :)

  2. Elizabeth Dusser

    These patterns are great. I stupidly printed the dragon skull way too small which was my fault but I’ve been improvising to make it bigger.

    Verified purchase.

  3. Stephanie Otte

    Good range of patterns, but I found it very difficult to work out which way to cut the 45 degree (for at least the Wolf skull). I thought I got it right, but then some of them turned out to be the wrong way so had to scrap it about halfway through gluing. I’m in the process of drawing and cutting the second attempt. A more different line to show the undercut compared to the outer cut (currently one is a regular dashed line, the other is slightly smaller dashes) and explicity stating which is which (which the current pattern doesn’t do) would be a big help.

    Verified purchase.

    • Benni

      Hey there! Thanks for your feedback! The patterns clearly show different lines plus either an arrow outside or inside of the shape or a mark of +45° or -45°. I do understand if the smaller pieces can be a bit complicated however. It’s a challenging project! :) We constantly try to improve the patterns and hopefully it will be even better understandable in the future!

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