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    Want to be a superhero, a villain, an elf or a even cute cat? Why choose when you can have it all! This foam masks & ears pattern collection includes three different elf ears, two cat ears, three eye masks, one muzzle mask and one grumpy looking full face mask.

    Print the patterns larger or smaller to fit your head size.

    Please choose your correct printer paper size:

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    The Foam Masks & Ears Pattern Collection includes:

    • Robin Mask
    • Cat Mask
    • Phantom Mask
    • Muzzle Mask
    • Villain Mask
    • Elf Ears
    • High Elf Ears
    • Long Elf Ears
    • Cat Ears
    • Long Cat Ears

    I recommend using 5mm high density EVA foam (low density works too) as well as contact cement to create these pieces. Other materials (like Worbla) work as well of course!

    All heads look different! Print the patterns larger or smaller to fit your size. I included attachment tips at the end of the PDF. You can find more instructions on how to make costume pieces and props in my tutorial books or on my YouTube channel.

    Just use these patterns as a base and add your own designs and details!

    Please choose your correct printer size between European DIN-A4 (21×29.7cm) or US/Canada letter (8.5x11inch).

    This is a digital PDF download. After your purchase you can directly download your document. You will also get a separate ‘order complete’ email, in which you will find your download link. If you have trouble getting the files to work, please contact!

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    Letter (8.5x11in), Din A4 (21×29.7cm)

    17 reviews for Masks & Ears Pattern Collection – DOWNLOAD|PDF

    1. Nina Yi Dan Nilsen

      This is perfect! Its easy to alter to fit your specific size and cosplay. I hve mostly used the ear patterns and they are a greate base and guide. Highly recomend!

    2. Robert King (verified owner)

      I’m going to rock mask mandates in style now!

    3. leafyleifster (verified owner)

      The best resource I ever found for my mask/elf ear shenanigans. Thumbs up!!

    4. jddeangelis95 (verified owner)

      Incredibly useful and basic enough to alter to your needs to extend the value much more

    5. Malika


    6. Wrtryhard (verified owner)

      Super helpful! <3

    7. jody_demooij1994 (verified owner)

      Loving the ear patterns!

    8. KittehLx (verified owner)

      I really really love those patterns. I only tried the elf ears for now and they are pretty simple to make but i still have to work on the details. Working working. It’s really useful. <3 Thank you.

    9. Daniella Cozzarin (verified owner)

      This is such a great set of patterns and so cheap too! Super easy to follow and the results amazed me. Really appreciate this being available for purchase. 100% recommend ?

    10. Satinather (verified owner)

      As a bloody beginner, these patterns helped me a lot to get started with making accessoires like these. They are extremely easy to read/understand and also to adjust!
      I can totally recommend these to everyone, even if you never ever had contact with this hobby before.

    11. wcvansickel (verified owner)

      So easy to use and follow. Got this so my daughter and I could make some cool elf ears for our elven cosplays and superhero masks for when she wants to be Batgirl when we go to Six Flags. Great for newbies and experienced cosplayers alike!

    12. maxxskeleton (verified owner)

      I love the wide range of ears and masks patterns; can’t wait to use them in future cosplays.

    13. Nozohomie (verified owner)

      Bought this to create a mask for an upcoming Mortal Kombat kosplay, the instructions were very easy to follow and allowed me to create the mask with ease. I highly, highly recommend this pattern, as well as the other patterns in the shop! Especially if you’re a beginner with Eva foam or worbla like me, the guidance truly helps!

    14. Morgan (verified owner)

      Awesome! So easy to use! I’ve only used the Long Elf Ear pattern so far for a night elf cosplay, but the other patterns look super easy to use too.

    15. Susan1_27 (verified owner)

      These are seriously a must have! Cut your time in half, get cute symmetrical ears in the process!

    16. Shanaya (verified owner)

      These templates really help when crunching on time and very affordable!

    17. ryujicain (verified owner)

      Finally I can make the accessories for my dc cosplays

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