Revenant – Apex Legends

To support and inspire the cosplay community Apex Legends made some fancy cosplay guides! For their release, the game devs asked us to create the mask of Revenant. It was already a pretty cool project and we were hyped to finally build something from the Apex Universe. However, I wanted to do a little bit more than just the mask! Instead, I actually wanted to become Revenant and do a full cosplay transformation!

Benni and his brother Jakob (@blackmaskedfox) built the mask from scratch using Blender. Please check out our 3D Printing Book if you like to learn these skills as well. Next Benni used our two ABS machines to print out Revenant’s face. After days of sanding and priming, he painted the mask with airbrush colors and I added some fancy LED lights. To create a convincing transformation I also made the torso, the shoulder pieces and the pouches. Well, and with a sexy cat suit underneath, this was the result! 

This was actually the very first costume transformation we did. Our goal was not to finish a full costume, but to create the illusion of one. Therefore we focused our efforts onto onto visible costume parts and just faked the rest like the robot arms for example. 


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Revenant Apex Legends by Kamui Cosplay

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