The Sign – Dying Light 2

An old rusty stop-sign as an axe? Sure, why not?! For the release of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, the devs from Techland asked us to choose and create our favorite weapon. Obviously we chose this beauty – The Sign! We absolutely loved the idea, the creativity within its design and the post-apocalyptic look. And after creating already a few rusty and crazy weapons like this, the Stop Sign Axe was an amazing addition to our collection!

This project was actually completely made by Benni and his brother Jakob (@blackmaskedfox). They are masters in 3D printing and decided to used two ABS machines to build the weapon as close as possible to the reference. Since Techland provided us with the original 3D file from the game, they were able to recreate the Sign 100% accurate. In total, they worked for two weeks on the weapon. I think the most impressive part of this build is the paint job. Benni and his brother used mostly airbrush colors, but also acrylic paste and hair spray to create texture and paint chipping effects. 

If you are curious about all these techniques, you might want to check out our Advanced Painting Book. You’ll also find the full making of on our Youtube Channel!

The Sign - Dying Light 2 by Kamui Cosplay

The Sign - Dying Light 2 by Kamui Cosplay


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The Sign - Dying Light 2

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