Blue Wizard – Diablo 3

The Blue Wizard from Diablo 3 was a commission I’ve created together with the Deathknight. The goal was to dress up two lovely ladies for a booth at Blizzcon 2013. I never made any costumes on request previously and especially had no idea how to create something for others. In addition, I was not able to do any proper testing or fitting as I had to fly all across the ocean. You see, this project was clearly a tricky one!

At the end, the Blue Wizard was done in 2013 and took me 4 weeks of work. Used Worbla and EVA foam as the main materials for all armor pieces and the magical staff. All costume pieces were easily adjustable and could fit any sizes, but I was still super nervous before the very first fitting test.Years later, this was still one of the very few commissions I’ve ever created in my career. This costume was probably also the reason why I’ve become a full-time artist and I’m very thankful for this opportunity back than. And even though it was fun, I still prefer to create costumes for myself. 

Please check out the full write up on my blog and the crazy story behind this project!

Blue Wizard from Diablo 3 by Kamui Cosplay

Blue Wizard from Diablo 3 by Kamui Cosplay

Blue Wizard from Diablo 3 by Kamui Cosplay


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