Warrior Tier 5 – World of Warcraft

I’ve made almost 20 from the Blizzard Universe in the past. No matter if World of Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft or even Heroes of the Storm – I got them all! One of these costumes was the Warrior Tier 5 Armor Set from World of Warcraft. However, to keep the costume nice, comfy and fast to craft I’ve did a more revealing version based on a card from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. I’m a huge fan of bikini armors and really enjoy to portray characters which are just as sexy as they are badass. 

The final costume was made in 2013 within 6 weeks. I’ve mostly used the thermoplastic material Worbla ot create all armor pieces and painted then everything with simple acrylic paints. My weapon of choice was the legendary weapon Gorehowl, even though it turned out quite heavy at the end. While Worbla is a great beginner crafting material, wearing an amor made out of foam is clearly more comfortable. 

The Warrior Tier 5 cosplay was a super fun project which I still enjoy to wear. I’m really proud of the result and love the final look of the costume. I think it suits me pretty well! Check out my Cosplay Armor Making Book if you want to learn how to work with Worbla as well! Also, check out the full Warrior Tier 5 write-up in my blog entry if you want to read more about this project!

Warrior Tier 5 Armor from World of Warcraft by Kamui Cosplay

Warrior Tier 5 Armor from World of Warcraft by Kamui Cosplay

Warrior Tier 5 Armor from World of Warcraft by Kamui Cosplay



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