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You’re interested in cosplay armor making but can’t really decide if you want to give it a shot or not? Download my Armor Making Mini Guide to get a compact look into the wonderful world of armor creation, complete with tutorials and instructions. I’ll explain in detail how to make a simple but decorative bracer all the way from pattern making to painting.

This 12 page guide is also completely free, so you really have nothing to loose here! Come and join the fun! :)

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45 reviews for Armor Making Mini Guide – DOWNLOAD|PDF

  1. th.zanettou (verified owner)

    Perfect tutorial for a beginner like me :) thank you very much

  2. Hatsukosplay (verified owner)

    It’s very useful and it’s a good help to start props in cosplay. Thank you for this free pdf book

  3. Hannah Surtees

    Are your books available in the UK? If so can you give me a contact address. Thank you.

    • Benni

      Hey Hannah, you can get all of our books right here on our website (we also ship to the UK) or you can also find them at directly in the UK.

  4. mythrandiron34

    Did not really know where to start. Watched your videos on Youtube and also looked at your very detailed guides and all of this gave me the motivation to actually order materials and start making my own armor. Can not wait to wear the finished World of Warcraft set to various conventions (and many more after that hopefully) Also very kind in person (Comic Con 2019) :) Will definitely recommend this to others wanting to get into Cosplay

  5. Summer Chen (verified owner)

    Lots of details that you can reference, or you can reference by pictures and their numbers in the text.

  6. Aurora Miller (verified owner)

    This is wonderful. I have always wanted to cosplay, but have always felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start.

  7. that1nerfherder (verified owner)

    This guide is very helpful especially for beginners. Sometimes a quick reference is all you need to stay on the right track. Thanks for this important tool!

  8. annehx3 (verified owner)

    This is a great intro piece to read up on! Thank you so much.

  9. Kay (verified owner)

    This! ???

  10. dinesh ekanayake

    it’s amazing

  11. James Myers (verified owner)

    Great DIY little guild book, inspired me to buy some of the pre-done patterns!

  12. Qmars


  13. Mel Hara (verified owner)

    Es demasiado genial, el paso a paso… Tan simple y. Puurrfecto!

  14. Sasuki (verified owner)

    Toller Mini Guide! Ich hab’s echt gemocht ihn zu lesen und auch vom Aufbau her fand ich ihn toll. Auch wenn Englisch nicht die Muttersprache ist, war doch alles verständlich und super zu lesen bzw. es war einfaches Englisch. Nach dem Mini Guide, hat man direkt Lust auf mehr und will auch weiterlesen. Bücher werden gekauft und auch sehr bald mit dem Cosplay angefangen. Danke euch! :3 <3

  15. HENRY RINCON (verified owner)

    Easy to follow. Thanks!!

  16. JHanke (verified owner)

    Vielen dank das du sowas machst. <3

  17. Alicia


  18. Carlos T (verified owner)

    It has got many useful advices and I’m sure it’ll help me a lot! Is not very common in my region to make this type of cosplay, so I’m really thankful to you!

  19. Ismael

    Amazing work thanks

  20. kelseyfperry (verified owner)


  21. Leonidas


  22. Gester Sibal

    thank you very much kamui this would really help me in my costume making especially that im a beginner

  23. David

    You’re beautyful

  24. Gester Sibalq

    Thank you very much

  25. Sofia Brotton


  26. Brandi


  27. oscar navarrete “the colombian CosRanger”

    thank you very much Kamui this will help me a lot with my props

  28. italo cardozo


  29. carina_hales (verified owner)

    So great that you were sharing the love. Thank you!

  30. Fruchtzwerg (verified owner)

    I totally like it!

  31. cipper.wyss08 (verified owner)

    Thank you very much ! It’s very cool =)

  32. Alicia


  33. Natto

    I really like your cosplays its amazing

  34. Chien Ze En

    such a nice and detail tutorial. Thank you for sharing it!

  35. Samllu


  36. Leonor Sousa

    Great! Thanks you!

  37. Yara (verified owner)

    I suuuper loved

  38. Ezzy


  39. Danna

    Thank You for adding this for free! Some of us cosplayers sometimes don’t have enough money to buy tools and materials.

  40. Ľubica Danová


  41. Kitti Doszpod


  42. David Pérez


  43. Aina

    I’m one of the rare cosplayers using Eva foam in my country, and you really helped me a lot improving my skills. As i live in Madagascar and cosplaying isn’t yet a thing. But i’m trying to let people know more about that

  44. Jaime zandate


  45. Aina

    I’m one of the rare cosplayers using Eva foam in my country, and you really helped me a lot improving my skills. As i live in Madagascar and cosplaying isn’t yet a thing. But i’m trying to let people know more about that.

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