The Book of Cosplay Sewing – Starting from Zero

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    Never sewed anything but finally want to start? This is the book for you! On 52 pages and over 220 pictures you’ll get detailed explanations about: Sewing by hand or with a machine, choosing the right fabrics, sewing stretch fabrics, creating new and working with pre-existing patterns, sewing a mock-up, adjusting patterns, adding a zipper, lining, sewing gloves, leggings, boot covers and a dress, attaching armor to fabric and of course a lot of detailed pictures, tips and examples of my own finished costumes!

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    By ordering ‘The Book of Cosplay Sewing – Starting at Zero‘ you’ll get easy step-by-step guides, tutorials and explanations for the following points:

    • Introduction to tools, machines and materials
    • Sewing machine and serger
    • Choosing the right fabric
    • Three useful hand-stitches
    • Working with stretch materials
    • Sewing simple gloves with lycra (drawing a pattern on paper)
    • Leggings with jersey (creating patterns from old clothes and working with a serger)
    • Sewing a dress with satin (working with store bought patterns)
    • Creating a boot cover with faux leather (creating patterns with duct tape)
    • Attaching armor to fabric

    I’ll also cover these useful techniques:

    • Creating a mock-up
    • Adjusting patterns
    • Placing a zipper
    • Adding lining
    • Many more useful tips

    As well as the following work examples:

    • Cleric (Aion)
    • Xena: Warrior Princess
    • Monk (FFXIV)

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    16 reviews for The Book of Cosplay Sewing – Starting from Zero

    1. Jennifer Rose (verified owner)

      I absolutely love my book! It is very easy to follow and understand. Not to mention the cute little extras that made the package so special.
      I am totally going to be purchasing more books to help develop my own skills and make my cosplay better.
      Thank you for being the artist that helps to build confidence, and encourages new artists.

    2. fabienne.jusko (verified owner)

      Ich nähe jetzt schon seid einiger Zeit, komme mit den simplen Sachen zurecht ABER es gibt immer was zu lernen! Und es gibt viele Dinge die ich bis vor diesem Buch nicht verstanden habe. Ich kann es nur weiterempfehlen :D

    3. Kayla (verified owner)

      I just bought this book a few minutes ago and I have only really skimmed through it but already it looks like a much easier guide to follow than some of the other books out there. For a beginner like me long books about sewing can be overwhelming and not simplified enough (at least for me) so this is perfect! It’s not overly complicated and has plenty of pictures for a visual learner like myself. I can’t wait to try the Monk pattern out (once the fabric stores open back up that is)!

    4. Kat (verified owner)

      This book is fantastic! I wish I got the physical copy so I could enjoy it more. It’s filled with useful information with instructions that very concise, easy to understand and fun to read- you can hear the personality from the page. The pictures are relevant and helpful refrences. Even if you have some knowledge of sewing I think you can benefit from the tips this book has to offer. The dress pattern manipulation was my favorite take away (because it will save me money in the long run). Make your life easier, buy this book!

      Also, 5 stars on service. I typo-ed my email address and didn’t receive the download link, but the payment went thru (my fault!). After reaching out, the issue was resolved in a few hours. Kind, quick, efficient service. Always been a fan, ecstatic to be a customer.

    5. leafyleifster (verified owner)

      Great book to start out with!! It was my introduction into sewing and boi did it help me improve a lot

    6. Caranell Cosplay

      it help me a lot and give me the knowledge that I don’t need to buy every time new shoes :Dperfect book for somebody who wants to start with cosplay :D

      I buyed this book (english version) a few years ago ( only valiable version) but now I will buy it the the second time for my little cousin (10 years) because she was exited about my cosplays and want also start with this hobby. The next time I will tell you how small people think about this book:)

      this book is great
      -easy understanding with step by step method for noobs
      -great pictures
      -good structure / layout
      -good basic informations (which sewing machine?which fabric?)
      -good tips
      -alround informations
      -the feeling I can sew everything!

      thank you guys !
      Caranell Cosplay

    7. Caylie Flower (verified owner)

      WOW what an amazing book! You really don’t need any other sewing books when you have this one! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us <3 i can't wait to buy more books!!!

    8. Christina Paravatou

      OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!
      I sew 4 years for cosplay and i see thinks in yours books that i never think to do it to make my life more easy XD

    9. Hiland (verified owner)

      I already had a basic concept of sewing. I found myself having difficulty trying to reproduce a pattern that didn’t have all the elements I needed. I bought this book anyway not thinking I was going to learn anything new. Svetlana breaks it down in simpler terms and I was able to approach projects and trying things in a more simplistic manner. I was doing it the hard (and expensive) way. She reuses patterns alot, but you wouldn’t know that judging her intricate costumes. There’s a reason why she can build costumes quickly. I recommend this book.

    10. Nebula Elbert

      This book of cosplay sewing is GREAT! i reference this book constantly when i am sewing. The pictures and detail she puts into each explanation really helped with my sewing and gave me new ideas to try! This is a staple to have in your tutorial/help books.

    11. MidoriGoddess

      Amazing book, very helpful with pushing me along in my sewing block.

    12. maryceciliaward (verified owner)

      Very helpful and informative! Kamuicosplay has really helped me become a better cosplayer!

    13. carnageneo.yunta (verified owner)

      It’s an excellent book for beggineers, even my wife who really don’t read english well can understand it only with the images, and can do great things, thank you Svetlana!!!

    14. Virginie

      Very good book to start sewing! The explanations are clear and easy to follow!

    15. coatsey78

      The book is lovely, detailed and very informative, can’t wait to try my hands at making my own clothing for cosplay. Highly recommend

    16. peters.nick1908

      It’s indeed a great book to start with if you want to start sewing! It gives very clear and simple explainations on how to read and edit patterns, and simple sewing techniques. It helped enormeously sewing my first (albeit simple) cosplay project, and it opened the way for moe challenging projects. Looking forward to the advanced sewing book!

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