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Paint adds life to your armor and props! In this book you’ll learn how I do it! On 48 pages and over 100 pictures you’ll get easy step-by-step guides and detailed explanations about: choosing the right references, painting three-dimensional, surface priming, materials and tools, painting metal and organics, creating gradients, adding shadows and highlights, details, weathering, sealing your paint-job and of course a lot of detailed pictures, tips and examples of my own finished costumes!

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By ordering ‘The Book of Cosplay Painting – Brushes and Acrylics‘ you’ll get easy step-by-step guides, tutorials and explanations for the following points:

  • Choosing references
  • Painting three-dimensional
  • Surface priming
  • Materials and tools
  • Basic color layering
  • Painting metals
  • Painting organics
  • Gradients
  • Shadows and highlights
  • Adding details
  • Weathering
  • Sealing
  • Repairing chipped paint

The Book of Cosplay Painting includes also the following work examples:

  • Warrior T5 & Gorehowl – World of Warcraft
  • Journey’s End – World of Warcraft
  • Wizard Dragon Staff – Diablo III
  • Protoss Wizard – Blizzard Crossover

For printed orders: Please allow 1 week shipping time for orders to Germany and 2-4 weeks for all international orders.

You can find more instructions on how to make costume pieces and props in my tutorial books or on my YouTube channel. We also offer plenty of costume crafting patterns

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9 reviews for The Book of Cosplay Painting – Brushes and Acrylics – Download / Print Version

  1. stefan.korn.2

    The book is a great help when reading for the colors and the possibility to set the costume correctly in color.

    Verified purchase.

  2. Caranell Cosplay

    very helpful and professional<3 must have for beginners and for people who want improve their paint job ( you can improve your cosplay a lot when you did a good paint job)
    thanks for the book !<3

    Purchase not verified.

  3. Elena

    Thanks for the book! Tips really helped me

    Verified purchase.

  4. B Charan

    Her books are Great. This is no exception.
    I don’t think you’ll find anywhere with such detailed and helpful explanations.
    Her social media is always active and helpful as well. I’ve been a long time fan.
    She doesn’t keep any ‘secrets’. She tells you exactly what you need materials wise. And every book has a similar structure, which is great, I think I own about 8 of her ebooks now, haha.

    Thank you!

    Purchase not verified.

  5. Summer Collman

    Extremely detailed and informative. I’ve had knowledge of painting/detailing, and even YouTube wasn’t this hands on. It’s good to have a clear picture and text when practicing. Highly recommend to have in your cosplay arsenal.

    Purchase not verified.

  6. raisakarim98

    I have purchased 5 of Kamui’s books. Some of them I even bought twice because I like them so much! Every time I buy one, I think that there isn’t much to learn from them because I already know so much through experience. But every time I read one of the books, I am proven wrong! These books are full of knowledge and each one will teach you things you didn’t know before and that you can’t find anywhere else. I am very skilled at sewing as I have been sewing for 12 years and I learned pattern drafting from a PhD. That is why getting into armor making was so scary for me. It was something I didn’t have any knowledge on whatsoever! I watch many videos from Evil Ted, Punished Props, etc., but these books helped me the most. Thank you for making these, Benny and Svetlana! I am excited every time you release a new book and I can’t wait for the books you will release in the future!

    Verified purchase.

  7. Isabell H.

    Great book which features detailed and understandable techniques on choosing colors/brushes and covers a couple of different priming methods. I also enjoyed the in-depth explanations that was nicely followed by pictures.
    The materials and tools covered in this book are also fairly low-cost, and if you, like me, don’t have a huge budget this will definitely give you some inspiration.

    Purchase not verified.

  8. Kamui

    Hey Mike! Thank you for your nice feedback! You can also use elmer’s glue! I tried it out myself and it works the same way as wood glue! :) Hope that helps!

    Purchase not verified.

  9. Mike Correa

    I just bought this e-book and I just have to say is wow. I knew that there would some amount of work in just the painting alone but never realize how much more there was to it. Ive watch your video on you tube and seen how you do it, but this book went into greater detail and makes for a great companion for the video. I purchase two other books from you and still completely amazed on how much you put into it. I’m very grateful for your hard work and time you put into these books. I do have one question, if for any reason I can’t get my hands on gesso or wood glue for a primer what would suggest as a alternative. I do remember you had some problems when you visit Yaya and did some crafting at her place. Again thank you for all your help and I look forward to more and future projects.

    Purchase not verified.

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