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You want to be more confident in front of the camera or take photos yourself? On 48 pages and over 190 pictures you’ll learn everything you need to know about cosplay photography! I’ll cover handling a camera, location scouting, image composing and photo editing but also included tips for good posing, facial expressions and make-up! The perfect book to get into photography and create breathtaking images!

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By ordering “The Book of Cosplay Photography – In Front and Behind the Camera” you’ll get an introduction into the colorful world of cosplay photography, no matter if you want to take the photos yourself or be on them! I cover these useful topics:

  • Basic photography terms
  • Finding the right gear for your needs
  • Handling a DSLR
  • Photography locations
  • Working with natural light
  • Posing tips
  • Facial expressions and make-up
  • Tips for great team work
  • Composing
  • Photo editing

The Book of Cosplay Photography includes also the following work examples:

  • Diablo III – Wizard
  • Fallout 4 – Sole Survivor
  • Monster Hunter – Nergigante

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You can find more instructions on how to make costume pieces and props in my tutorial books or on my YouTube channel. We also offer plenty of costume crafting patterns

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11 reviews for The Book of Cosplay Photography – In Front and Behind the Camera – Download / Print Version

  1. Clint Verville

    So I bought the complete Digital bundle a day or so ago. I started with the photography Book, being a beginner photographer and youtuber, and HOLY CRAP!!!! I am blown away by how well this is laid out. The examples are completely clear and the explanations are concise. I am only half way through the book and I have learned more about my camera in the time it took me to drink a cup of coffee than I have in the 4 months i have had the camera. If the others i purchased are half as good as this one, they are worth every penny. Thanks.

    Purchase not verified.

  2. Maike Schäfer

    This book is super useful, such as the other books I already got :) thank you so much, you make cosplay making so much easier. The pictures are good and the explanations are so detailed, that also a person like me (who feels really stupid sometimes 😂) gets them at the first time :D

    Verified purchase.

  3. Krissi

    Well written and helpful!

    Verified purchase.

  4. d.isabel.gzt

    Wonderful introduction to cosplay photography, for begginers and not so begginers. The posing parts helps tremendously, for us the camera shy people.

    Verified purchase.

  5. Yes

    Much like Tyrannix, I found this a great beginner overview that lacked finer details to take it beyond a photography primer. It’s very much written for first-timers who need direction and confidence, and spreads itself over many aspects, leaving it unable to go into finer detail much of the time (the makeup section in particular). The anecdotes are thoughtful and the presentation is fantastic, I just find I would be willing to pay more to have a more comprehensive book.

    Verified purchase.

  6. Tyrannix

    Not gonna lie, I’m disappointed.
    – Very easy to read
    – Good visual aids
    – I enjoyed the teamwork section

    – most information is so basic You can find it ANYWHERE
    – the editing section is a joke. The book could just skip it. Only someone who NEVER had anything to do with anykind of software would find it useful and even that is a stretch

    The book isn’t bad per se. But it is very basic. I like the easy to read way of writing and the personal experience parts. That said if You have at least basic knowledge about photography, posing and postproduction… It’s not very useful.
    Still, it can be a nice source of information for beginners.

    Verified purchase.

    • Benni

      Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry you’re disappointed. We made this book specifically for people who have not tried photography before but maybe we didn’t communicate this good enough. I hope you still found some enjoyment reading it! <3

  7. Leigh Moratin

    This is a wonderful introduction to people like me getting started to cosplay photography in general. It is easy to follow and straight forward. Kamui provides a great foundation by providing aspects of photography and modeling to reach a completed vision! Awesome stuff and definitely is super helpful!

    Verified purchase.

  8. Victoria

    A friend let me borrow this and I’ll say its fantastic!

    Purchase not verified.

  9. Cynthia

    This book is really great! As a cosplayer, and as a photographer. My boyfriend and I are starting again cosplay photos and it helped us. There’re a lot of great tips. Kamui’s books are masterpiece!

    Verified purchase.

  10. k.weinz

    This Book is amazing, it will help me so much :D thank you for this book, I love it <3

    Verified purchase.

  11. alex.zin3

    Amazing as always, Kamui never fails to deliver with her full-of-knowhow manual, giving amazing tips of photography and sharing personal experience along the way!
    Keep up the good work!

    Purchase not verified.

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