The Book of Foam Props – Lightweight & Affordable

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    It’s time to build some lightweight and affordable foam props! On 48 pages and over 220 new pictures, I’ll show you everything you need to know: drawing and scaling blueprints, cutting, glueing and sanding EVA foam, making your props detachable, creating textures, working with foam clay, priming, painting and many more useful examples and step-by-step guides.

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    By ordering „The Book of Foam Props – Lightweight & Affordable“, you’ll get easy step-by-step guides, tutorials and detailed explanations about the following topics:

    • Why use EVA foam?
    • Materials and tools
    • Drawing blueprints
    • Basic techniques
    • Working with PVC pipes
    • Separating props
    • Building a sword from scratch
    • Creating textures
    • Sculpting with Foam Clay
    • Priming and painting

    As well as these detailed examples:

    • Zelda BotW – Mastersword (blueprint included for free)
    • Zelda BotW – Hylian Shield
    • Monster Hunter World – Nergigante Claws
    • Horizon Zero Dawn – Aloy’s Spear
    • Soul Calibur – Taki’s Swords

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    13 reviews for The Book of Foam Props – Lightweight & Affordable

    1. francesco mistico (verified owner)

      thanks to this book, I solved some problems I had with some parts of cosplay, learned new tricks and finally raised the level of my work.
      thanks kamui

    2. Natasha (verified owner)

      All of her books are amazing whether you are a beginning or veteran. I love how lightweight EVA foam props are and making them detachable with magnets is genius!

    3. mmacburnie (verified owner)

      As I am just starting out, I found this book very helpful!

    4. Krissi (verified owner)

      Awesome tips and techniques to create lightweight props ♥ Can’t wait to finish my first foam weapon!

    5. Nikolai Snow (verified owner)

      Love kamui’s patterns. So easy to follow and comes out looking great! Can’t wait to get more.

    6. Lisa Tschirner

      It helped me a lot! The Instructions are easy to follow and just perfect for beginners.

    7. David Moran (verified owner)

      So helpful and easy to follow! I’m looking forward to getting started on my cosplay journey!

    8. Audrey Cahagniet (verified owner)

      Thank you for the books ! They are amazing and super helpful ! I love them ! With this one, i finally can make overwatch props !!

    9. Rhea Renzow (verified owner)

      Really easy to follow and helps a lot when starting your first cosplay!

    10. LoReign Harris (verified owner)

      Love this book! Thank you for creating a guide for us to make feat cosplay!

    11. angelfly52 (verified owner)

      Amazing content, perfect for learning!

    12. Callie Segotta (verified owner)

      Super helpful! I own a lot of Kamui’s books, and this one is probably the most helpful to me.

    13. Simon Oliver (verified owner)

      Amazing content once again, perfect for my first costume!

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