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Adding fancy smoke effects to props and costumes is definitely the cherry on top of every elaborate crafting project. Download my DIY Mini Smoke Machine Guide to get a compact look into the wonderful world of smoldering props and steaming costumes. I’ll explain in detail how to make a simple and affordable mini smoke machine, how to add a remote control, direct the smoke to where you need it with silicone tubing and even how to integrate them into your props and costumes.


DIY Mini Fog Machine Guide includes the following topics:

  • Building a mini smoke machine (with a slide switch)
  • Adding a remote control
  • Spreading the fog with silicone tubing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Hiding fog machines in props and costumes

English, 29 pages, 96 pictures.

Please keep in mind that I didn’t invent this way to build mini fog machines. The techniques I show in this guide are based on my own research, experiments but also multiple tutorials from other makers that I found inspiring. I collected and summarized everything and turned it into a handy all-in-one guide for you. I don’t want to claim anybodies hard work and effort as my own so if you know another maker that you would rather support, please do, I’m sure they would be thankful. I’ve also linked a few of them in the guide.

DIY Mini Fog Machine Guide is a digital PDF download. After your purchase you will get a separate ‘order complete’ email, in which you will find your download link. If you have trouble getting the files to work, please contact!

You can find more instructions on how to make costume pieces and props in my tutorial books or on my YouTube channel

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