Asmodian Cleric – Aion

My favorite projects are armor cosplay costumes with massive weapons and a crazy amount of details. From time to time though I want to use my sewing machine as well! My Asmodian Cleric from Aion was such a project! I was in love with the gorgeous and floaty designs of Aion and adored a combination of black and red. You surely know the feeling: Sometimes you’ll spend some time on Google and suddenly get dragged deeper and deeper into a rabbit hole full of inspiration and crazy ideas. 

The Amodian Cleric was also a great opportunity to improve my sewing skills and play around with LEDs. And while the dress doesn’t look that difficult, it was actually quite a challenge, especially since I had no idea how to drape patterns properly back then. It actually took me 6 attempts to get everything right! The costume was then finish in 2015, even though I saved the reference pictures for this costume already since 2011! So, this project was literally waiting years for me! At the end it took me quite a while to get especially the texture and the details of the dress right and build my light up Worbla Spellbook. This costume was super educational, improved my skills greatly and I’m very happy with the result. The Asmodian Cleric was also super helpful for writing my Sewing for Beginners Book!

Asmodian Cleric - Aion by Kamui Cosplay

Asmodian Cleric - Aion by Kamui Cosplay

Asmodian Cleric - Aion by Kamui Cosplay


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