Tzeentch Staff – Warhammer: Realms of Ruin

For the release of Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin, the devs asked us to create something truly iconic from the game! The goal was to bring the massive weapon of the Lord of Change from the Deciples of Tzeentch to life! We actually even got the original 3D files directly from the in-game model. However, I wanted to take a real challenge and build everything completely out of EVA foam! The Tzeentch Staff should become my most intense foam build so far! And I’ve already created a ton of crazy stuff in the past! 

When creating anything, my main goal is always fun! And fun for me is experimenting with different materials and techniques and adding LEDs. Therefore I really enjoyed to add LED strips all over the weapon and craft it with quite fragile, but translucent, white foam. The result was a completely illuminated staff!  When hit on the ground it even changed it’s animation! Please check out my Book for Lights & Sound Effects if you want to learn this skill as well! 

Overall I think Tzeentch Staff is a great example how far you can get with EVA foam! It’s an amazing material and incredible useful for all kind of projects like cosplay armor or props like this staff! 


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Kamui Cosplay Warhammer Tzeentch Staff

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