Karakuri LED Katana – Wild Hearts

For the release of EA’s monster hunting game Wild Hearts the devs asked us to create something fun from the game! We’ve chosen the iconic Karakuri Katana. In the game the blade lights up and turns into a blasting whip. While we were not able to transform a massive sword into a functional whip, I loved the idea to build a Karakuri LED Katana! 

Actually, I wanted to build a light up sword already for years and this collaboration made my dreams come true. My main inspiration was the Lightsaber replica from Adafruit.com. For my own blade, I adjusted their code and their sound effects, but kept the hardware from the Lightsaber. Using Blender, Benni created then a hollow Katana 3D model with a build in rail for LED strips

My own Katana was then 3D printed in white ABS to keep the LEDs and their light visible. Benni applied then a super thin layer of airbrush paint on top. The final blade got a toxic green shine and a crackling electric sound when turned on. Combined with a movement sensor build in the grip the Karakuri LED Katana even sounded like the real thing from Wild Hearts when it was swung around! This was an incredible fun project and I’m super proud how it turned out! 

Please check out our Book for Lights&Sound Effects if you like to learn how to install into your cosplay costumes and props as well!


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Wildhearts LED Karakuri Katana by Kamui Cosplay

Karakuri LED Katana Wildhearts by Kamui Cosplay

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