Asmodian Gladiator – Aion

The Asmodian Gladiator was my very first full armor costume I’ve ever created! I made this costume back in 2010, using mostly Wonderflex. It’s a thermoplastic material, which can be easily shaped with heat and comes in thin plastic sheets. I only heard about it on the internet and was super excited to get my hands on. And it seamed to be perfect for my Asmodian Gladiator cosplay from Aion! I actually discovered the game during a random google search and instantly fell in love with it’s character and armor design and those gorgeous, Korean artworks.

The costume itself was quite a challenge! I never worked with Wonderflex previously and were not able to find any tutorials. In addition, I never made any armor before! I felt quite lost during the construction process and failed plenty of times. There were surely plenty of moments when I wanted to give up! However, I fought through it and it turned out to be one of my most educational projects. I’ve learned a lot about pattern making, armor making and priming and painting. I also styled a wig the very first time! Sometimes the hardest things in life, are the things most worth doing!

I think the Asmodian Gladiator was also the costume plenty of people discovered me with on the internet. At least, I got a lot of questions regarding to the costume and was inspired to do my very first cosplay tutorial on YouTube!

Now, do you also want to try out working with Thermoplastics as well? Then Check out my Cosplay Armor Making Guide! You can find more instructions on how to make costume pieces and props in my tutorial books or on my YouTube channel. We also offer costume crafting patterns as well!

Asmodian Gladiator - Aion by Kamui Cosplay

Asmodian Gladiator – Aion by Kamui Cosplay

Asmodian Gladiator - Aion by Kamui Cosplay


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