Grim Marrow – Outriders

For the release of Outriders, Square Enix asked me to create an iconic costume from the game. I’ve choose a cool armor set and the spooky and a massive blaster, the Grim Marrow. With it’s creepy bone like structure and it’s sparkly light up crystal core, this blaster was love on the first sight. I absolutely fell in love with it’s design and it’s weird combination of gore and beauty. At the end it even turned out to be one of my most favorite weapon projects ever created!

I used super simple everyday materials like EVA foam, hot glue, acrylic crystals and PVC pipes. It took me 4 weeks to bring this huge monster together and it includes almost animated 400 LEDs, a working trigger function and even a sound system! The weapon carries a massive, light up crystal structure and this one looks already pretty cool. However, once you pull the trigger, the speaker plays a blasting sound effect and the crystal changes its colors to blue! I am so proud of this project! If you are curious how the electronics and trigger mechanism works, just check out my Book for Lights & Sounds Effects! Hope you also enjoy my making-of video! The Grim Marrow is clearly one of my favorite builds in 20 years of crafting.

Grim Marrow from Outriders by Kamui Cosplay

Grim Marrow from Outriders by Kamui Cosplay

Grim Marrow from Outriders by Kamui Cosplay


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Grim Marrow from Outriders


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