Alexstrasza – World of Warcraft

Alexstrasza from World of Warcraft was my very first professional cosplay job! Back in 2011, the official World of Warcraft Trading Card Game had a huge community and events were held all over the glove. People gathered at tournaments and could participate in special challenges. And for one of these challenges I was asked to create a costume of Alextrasza, the Life Binder. But I just hadn’t to craft a bit! My new student part time job was playing a mighty Raid Boss in the buzzling cities of Europe! I got a far too over powered card deck and got the pleasure to smash poor TCG players in cities like London, Paris or Rome! And believe me, it was just as fun as it sounds!

The Alexstrasza cosplay itself was one of my most intimidating costumes! All my previous projects were actually pretty covered up and I was simply not comfortable with showing much skin. However, this job was an absolutely amazing opportunity and I knew it would be worth it stepping out of my comfort zone! In addition to that it was the first time I wanted to work with EVA foam. I wanted to keep the costume comfy and lightweight so traveling and wearing it would be easier. At the end I’ve used a mix of thermoplastics and EVA foam to create all armor pieces. It was also the first time I used molding and casting to create gemstones. Overall, the costume was incredible challenging, but also educational and I’m really thankful for getting this job back then!

Are you inspired to create a costume with EVA foam now? Maybe my free EVA Foam Mini Guide is helpful!

Alexstrasza - World of Warcraft by Kamui Cosplay

Alexstrasza - World of Warcraft by Kamui Cosplay

Alexstrasza - World of Warcraft by Kamui Cosplay

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