Druid Tier 6 Cosplay – World of Warcraft

I’m a huge fan of World of Warcraft and played the game from the very beginning (basically since the beta). The game gave me the initial spark to fall in love in cosplay! Playing a Nightelf Druid as a main, I obviously adored all those wonderful nature inspired Tier sets from the class. One of my favorite outfits was the Druid Tier 6 set, which I finished in 2009. I even wore it in the same year at Blizzcon!

The Druid Tier 6 took me half a year to finish, but I was also at a university and had a part time job. So, there wasn’t much time for crafting. My main materials were expanding foam and paper mache for the armor pieces and furniture leather for the fabric parts. Expanding foam was a quite popular material back then and especially great for sculpting large armor- and prop pieces. I wouldn’t recommend using it today though as there are far better alternatives like EVA foam for example.

Please check out my free EVA Foam Armor Mini Guide if you are curious! You can find more instructions on how to make costume pieces and props in my tutorial books or on my YouTube channel.

World of Warcraft Druid Tier 6 by Kamui Cosplay

World of Warcraft Druid Tier 6 by Kamui Cosplay

World of Warcraft Druid Tier 6 by Kamui Cosplay

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