Druid Tier 8 – World of Warcraft

My Druid Tier 8 cosplay was only one of five Druid Tier sets I made! Yes, I was pretty obsesses with World of Warcraft and still love the style of the game a lot! This project was the one that got me into electronics though! I was quite intimidated about electronics, but my cosplay partner Selina inspired me to try it out finally. Convinced by her, I finally got a soldering iron and other basics to add LEDs. My first circuits looked awful, but my LEDs lit up and I was filled with pride! Overcoming a fear is never easy, but the feeling once you made it is incredible rewarding! So, the Druid Tier 8 cosplay was actually just the beginning of my obsession for light up costumes! It’s actually also the costume on the cover of my Book of Cosplay Lights!

Aside of the light up parts, the armor pieces were still made with cheap expanding foam and paper mache. My budget was very limited and this combo was very versatile and affordable. With some practice and patience I’ve managed to carve even a whole dragon head for my staff. Afterwards, my husband Benni then gave everything a gorgeous paint job. The rest of the costume was then mostly sewn from furniture leather and faux fur. The design of the Druid Tier 8 armor set was quite detailed and I actually worked around 6 months on the project. I’m still very proud my Druid Tier 8 cosplay and consider it as one of my best works!

Druid Tier 8 World of Warcraft by Kamui Cosplay

Druid Tier 8 World of Warcraft by Kamui Cosplay

Druid Tier 8 World of Warcraft by Kamui Cosplay

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