Aloy’s Spear – Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of my favorite games and I absolutely adore the world, the creatures and Aloy! I’ve also already made a few costumes like the Shadow Stalwart or Banuk Trailblazer armor. However, Aloy’s Spear was clearly still missing in my cosplay prop collection! In addition I wanted to prove that you don’t need a fancy 3D printer to create a quite detailed cosplay weapon. Instead, I wanted to build the whole spear from scratch including all details just from EVA foam!

This build was a huge crafting challenge, but also incredible fun! I mostly used 2, 5 and 10mm high density EVA foam, contact cement and a PVC pipe for the core. Then just some PlastiDip and Vallejo airbrush colors for the priming and painting. In total, I’ve worked two weeks on this build. I’m super proud of how the spear turned out and I think it looks just as good as a 3D print. I’m also pretty sure, that this project would take longer using a 3D printer. Please check out my EVA foam guide if you want to get started crafting as well!

If you want to build this spear for yourself, you can download Aloy’s Spear blueprint in our shop.

Aloy’s Spear from Horizon Zero Dawn by Kamui Cosplay


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Aloy's Spear from Horizon Zero Dawn

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