Athena’s Bow – Empires & Puzzles

For a fun collaboration with Empires & Puzzles the devs asked me to create something cool from the game! I chose the magical bow of the angelic archer Athena! I’ve already made Aloy’s Sharpshot Bow from Horizon Zero Dawn and was excited for another, similar project. The main challenge though was not only to light Athena’s Bow up, but also make it functional! My goal was to actually be able to shot an arrow with the bow! I never made something like this in 20 years of crafting and was super excited to learn something new! 

For the final result I used mainly rigid, non-plasticized PVC pipes, EVA foam and some LEDs. I followed some Youtube videos to actually made the bow functional by heat shaping the pipe. Plus, I even made a magical light up arrow to complete the fantasy look! The bow moves and bends just as a real one, but I pre-bended it to limit the tension for additional safety. I’m super happy with the result and would love to add more props like this to my portfolio!

Finally, we made a really cool crafting video for our Youtube channel! So, if you are curious how well I was able to shoot with the bow, check it out! 


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Athena's Bow - Empires & Puzzles by Kamui Cosplay

Athena's Bow - Empires & Puzzles by Kamui Cosplay

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Athena - Empires & Puzzles


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