Paladin Tier 2 – WoW

The Paladin Tier 2 from World of Warcraft is probably one of the most iconic armor sets from the game. The bright gold combined with red, white and black and the gorgeous design of the Judgement Armor is clearly an eye catcher! While my own main is a Nightelf Druid, I still instantly fell in love with the amazing artwork of Wei Wang. My next costume HAD to be a Blood Elf Paladin in a Tier 2 armor set!

This costume was one of my earlier Worbla projects, finished back in 2013. I still mixed up expanding foam to create the weapon. However, all armor pieces were only made with the thermoplastic material Worbla. My husband Benni gave all costume pieces an amazingly, detailed paint job. I personally wasn’t happy with the bodysuit though. While the overall costume looked great, I still wish that my sewing skills were better back then. Cosplay is a journey though and I’m always aware that my work will never be perfect. My personal highlight though was a photoshoot in German National Museum in Nuremberg. The local looked just like the Scarlet Monastery from World of Warcraft and was so perfect for this project. 

Do you want to see more progress pictures now? Maybe check out my whole write up about the Paladin Tier 2 armor!

Paladin Tier 2 (Judgement Armor) World of Warcraft by Kamui Cosplay

Paladin Tier 2 (Judgement Armor) World of Warcraft by Kamui Cosplay

Paladin Tier 2 (Judgement Armor) World of Warcraft by Kamui Cosplay


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Paladin Tier 2 (Judgement Armor) World of Warcraft

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