Making the Gauss Rifle

We did it! We built the Gauss Rifle (The Last Minute) from Fallout 4.
Here you can see how we did it!

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Advanced Prop Making

It’s time to create crazy guns and rifles! In my new book I’ll show you how to go from blueprints to cool fantasy blasters and massive space guns!

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I'll help you make armor!

You want to make armor yourself? I can teach you! I’ve released five books as well as female and male armor patterns to help you get started!

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Cosplay Book Collection

My friends are also writing books about different aspects of costume making! I put their amazing books in my store. Please check them out!

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Epic Cosplay Gallery

All of those gorgeous costumes were made using my books and tutorials! Check out these amazing artists!

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Worbla, Thibra, Cosplayflex. What’s the difference?

Worbla, Thibra, Cosplayflex. What’s the difference?

To me ‘cosplay’ has always meant to be able to ‘make everything out of anything’. Creative people have been able to make amazing costumes out of everyday household materials for long before we had all those fancy cosplay materials we have... read more