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Hi guys and welcome!

My name is Svetlana Quindt, but you can also call me Kamui. I’m a cosplayer from Germany and I just love to create huge armor and props. On my site you’ll find not only my current costume progress, but also selfmade tutorials, my cosplay photos, upcoming events, links to my favourite shops and materials and much more. So just take a look!

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Deathknight - An Adventure with Intel and Newegg

I'm a pretty lucky girl. Only a few days after I've got my commission request for the Wizard from Intel …

Featured Article
The Crusader - Time to go wild!

When it comes to the coice of a new costume it goes always down to the dimensions of my suitcase. …

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Wonder Woman - The Clock is ticking!

For a pretty long time Wonder Woman was a character I really wanted to relealise but sadly I never found …

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