Project Sexy Murloc: Vanessa VanCleef
Published on Jan 23, 2012
New year, new costume! Since it’s winter I was a bit lazy in the last time, but now my holidays started and the next project have to be done next month!
At the moment I’m working at Vanessa VanCleef, which was announced as the new challenge at all World of Warcraft Trading Card events by Cryptozoic Entertainment. Before it was named “Project Sexy Murloc” and so it was pretty funny to trap people, ha ha! Well, but I’m happy that it’s not a Murloc at the end. Vanessa’s design is just sexy, clean and very special. And: This costume will be comfortable!
I started some days ago with the first progress and so there is still not so much to show. At the moment I’m working at the base of the costume.
You see, I’ve started with the “body suit”. I’m pretty bad in sewing, but it’s even for me easy to work with stretchy fabric and so I was able to finish this in only one day. Oh, I love to work with jersey fabric!
In eight years of cosplay I always was able to avoid succesfullly to sew gloves. Well, Vanessa changed it. If you take a deep look to my references you’ll notice that the gloves I’ve made are a bit wrong. Sadly I was not able to make a zick zack border between the red and black part, but I also didn’t wanted to paint it on. So… that’s my result. Guess it’s okay for the very first glove in my life. Thanks to my wonderful facebook followers and this tutorial I was able to sew them almost without any problems. Love you, guys!
Now the next step is to create the tabard. I still have to find the right fabric for this part and hope to find it while my shopping tour today. This week I guess I will also start with the armor parts. I plan to create the boot coveres and the bracers out of leather. Never worked with this material before, but thanks to Tandy’s awesome tutorials and videos it should be possible. So, take a look! They show just perfectly how to start and their shop is just awesome!
And then there a still these pauldrons… These super hard and super complicated pauldrons… I still experiment and research… So, wish me luck!
In the last weeks I’ve also started with my Protoss Wizard, but there is not so much progress so far:
I tried to find a better material than paper mache to cover expanding foam and so I experimented with fiber glass. Fiberglass worked pretty well, but I still need a good material with had the same effect as bondo. But names and brands a always a problem. I’m not able to find a product which is called bondo in Germany.  When I you’ll try the find the same producs I used in my tutorials you’ll have the same problem. So please forgive me, if I not able to tell you excactly what you have to buy for your projects.
And the last point: I made a lot of updates at my site! If you still didn’t noticed, you’ll find a donate button at the right site if you would like to support my work. I also added a lot of links to my Shops & Materials site and now there is a Press & Media site where you can find some interviews I’ve made. I also updated my links with partners who supports my work in many ways! Thanks a lot, you’re awesome!
Well, and that’s all for today! Vanessa have to be done next month, so I will post a lot of progress on my facebook progress page and and here! I’m already super excited to finish this project and hope you guys are also busy and creative! See you and thanks for reading and following! :)

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Written by Benni

| Writer, Full-Time Costume Maker

We are self-employed artists, writers and costume makers currently living in Germany. We love to help the crafting community by creating YouTube videos, writing books and by sharing the current progress of our projects on social media. In our shop you can also find crafting patterns to help you with your own projects!


  1. En meg ilyen gyonyorut nem lattam!!!!!!!! Eskuszom!!! Hat, kivagyok teljesen! Zsuzsi, nem bannam ha keszitenel egy fizetos mintat erre a dezsore, mert rogton ‘magameva tennem’!!!!!

  2. Auch wenn es schon was her ist mit dem Cos: Sehr klasse geworden. Vanessa war eine tolle Gegnerin. :)

  3. Amazing cosplays!

  4. Hm, ich wusst gar nicht, dass die gute Dame so aussieht (dacht erst das wär n random FemaleHumanRogue-T10Style), mein dicker Tankybär stand immer in ihr… x)

    Ich find die Cosplays, und vor allem die StepBySteps einfach großartig, da juckts in den Fingern wieder zu zocken ;o;

  5. Wow, thanks a lot, guys! :)

    He he, ne Vanessa ist mit Cataclysm dazu gegekommen. Sie ist der Endboss in den neuen Todesminen!

    Thanks Ellie and Jemeria. I already found bondo in my shop with your help. I also just wanted to say, that names and brands doesn’t help if you search for a similar material in your own country. So I just always try do describe as well as possible what I use for my projects, but I’m not able to say how it’s called in different countries.

  6. huhu Kamui^^

    “Bondo” ist wie Ellie schon gesagt hat einfach Spachtelmasse fürs Auto^^ Das Zeug besteht aus zwei Komponenten, aus dem Härter und der eigentlichen Masse.

    Leider habe ich mit dem Zeug noch nicht gearbeitet… aber vielleicht sollte ich mich mal damit etwas mehr befassen :-)

    Liebe Grüße,

  7. Kamui, when you look for Bondo you should go to an auto repair store. You can ask for something like “body filler” “butter putty” or “fiberglass spackleing paste” I’m sure it is sold in germany because cars are sold in germany. Just try to find someone who works with cars (like a repair shop or a hobbyist) and ask them about a 2 part putty that you use to fill holes and dings in autos.

  8. *___* Aaaaawwwww… wie cool!
    Ich kann mich leider nicht an die Gute erinnern (kommt sie erst bei den späteren Addons dazu?) aber die VanCleef-Bande kenn ich und hatte sooo eine Freude, dass ich dieses rote Halstuch für meine Schurkin bekommen hab. ^__^
    Schurken ftw! :D

    Ich freu mich schon auf mehr Bilder.

    Liebe Grüße

  9. Also in game hasse ich diese Frau ja wie die Pest :’D Mit ihrem Gequatsche ist sie für mich so ziemlich der nervigste NPC im ganzen Spiel, haha XD Aber das Cosplay wird bestimmt super toll! :D Bin schon gespannt wie es weitergeht ^^


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