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    Published on Aug 22, 2012
    Yeah, I know, I know… I just posted an blog entry some time ago, but I just had to show you this! The very next day after Gamescom I got the change for the first photoshoot with my Barbarian. After many private shootings with my husband or his brother I wanted to try a cooporation with a professional photographer. So for all photos you see the amazing team of BilderHaus was in charge and I guess, they really made an awesome job.
    It was pretty important for me to create a dark, mysterious and also threatening atmosphere, which is also found in Diablo III. At the end the photographer was able to find the perfect location but also used a great light arragement and color setting. So I really hope you like the photos as much as I do. As always you’ll find the rest of the photos in my flickr gallery. And now it’s time to go back to work again. Soridormi ist waiting!

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    1. I think you’re really amazing, I’ve been cosplaying few months, I envy you … but we who live in Spain we do not understand the explanations that you give us, for example, the name of the materials you use, EVA, here I think his name is another. Could you write about where you take it out, and teach chamber near the material?
      Kamui thank you very much.
      I’m going to go from Spain, and I’m going to raise awareness here, your website.

    2. you’re sooo amazing!

    3. The costume is quite lovely, and I’m sure I’ll get some flake for this, but I would love to see some new facial expressions. The slightly opened mouth in all of them? Eh…

    4. incrível como sempre

    5. Look great. I mean both – costume and you – by the way, the glasses look also well on you – I mean the real girl behind the fear inspiring barbarian… :-)

      However a really good work. How long to you and your help need for that costume – I didn’t found it…

      • Ok, found a video interview – do you have a time in hours?

      • Thanks a lot and I worked about a month on this costume. :)

    6. Wonderful as always. =P


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