Bolvar’s Hammer – World of Warcraft

Bolvar's Hammer from World of Warcraft by Kamui Cosplay

Being a huge World of Warcraft fan, Bolvar’s Hammer is a weapon I instantly fell in love with. I first saw it in the cinematic trailer for Shadowlands. The weapon had a blue fire within, turned then magically red and just looked awesome overall. It was set: I HAD to build it! Sounds weird, I know! But sometimes you just see something and know you cannot life with it, right?

I’ve used PVC pipes, EVA foam, LED strips and a ton of foam clay for the hammer. It was clearly not an easy project and I had to experiment a lot of my electronics. However, it was also really rewarding and the struggle was worth it. The final result lights up, can switch between different color modes, has a motion sensor built in and even creates smoke. I used 451 LEDs in total, it weights 2.3 kg and took me and my husband around 150 hours to finish. Bolvar’s Hammer was a really cool project and I really hope you like the tutorial video!

Please check out my Book for Advanced LED Lights and my Book of Foam Prop Making if you want to learn these techniques as well! I even wrote a little guide on how to build and install a mini smoke machine!

Here is the Making-Of Video:


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